US media said the west is going to spend $70 billion to build the new Pacific Fleet against China.

US media said the west is going to spend $70 billion to build the new Pacific Fleet against China.

Photo: Fleet formation in the 2016 Pacific Rim military exercise.

The Wall Street journal website reported on June 10th that defense companies scrambled for a new Pacific ship contract, saying American allies began to buy naval vessels as territorial disputes intensified in the Pacific region.

From Australia to Canada, governments have updated their old ships to protect the territorial waters and maritime transport lines. These contracts are worth about $70 billion, and defense companies compete.

Although global defense spending has fallen over the past 10 years, the International Peace Research Institute in Stockholm predicts that global defense spending will reach the highest level since the cold war this year, with most countries in Asia and the Middle East.

The report said all this could bring a lot of wealth to America's Lockheed Martin, Huntington English, the largest European shipmaker Finn Candice YERI shipbuilder and the British aerospace company. The new contract may also create thousands of jobs, and at least in the next 10 years, there will be a steady stream of work to do.

Reports say that as China and Russia challenge western regional dominance, the Western Navy is rebuilding their Pacific Fleet.

Reported that the United States urged its allies to increase defense spending. President Trump called for an increase in the number of US naval vessels to 350. The US Navy currently has only 273 ships, the smallest number since 1916. The collision between missile destroyers and merchant ships in the United States last year resulted in the death of 17 sailors. People criticized the wide spread of US naval vessels, resulting in reduced training and lower certificate requirements.

The defense company said its allies also updated the ship and provided the western countries with the opportunity to have universal warships. They say that by using similar designs, countries can share the cost of future ship upgrading, and many shipyards around the world can maintain and obtain extra parts.

"The Canadian Navy, the Australian Navy, the Royal Navy, the New Zealand Navy equipped with the same level frigates, this is not an impossible dream," said Stewart, the chief executive of the British aerospace company. Stewart is leading the company's bid in Australia.

According to the report, frigate is a "small character" in the US Navy in terms of volume, but they are the backbone of allied Navy. Australia hopes that its new warships, like the US Navy destroyers, can search for submarines and equip them with weapons like ballistic missiles that have been tested by North Korea.

It is estimated that there will be about 250 new submarines in Asia in the next 10 years. "By 2025, half of the world's submarines will be operating in the eastern coastal areas of Australia," Stewart said.

The frigates are becoming increasingly important for the US Navy, as The Pentagon is looking for a cheaper than the destroyer, but the navy is stronger than the warship on the sea. According to the US Navy, a new frigate costs about $950 million, but a fully equipped destroyer costs about $1 billion 800 million.

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