European development of new tanks against Russian T14 with German artillery and French turret

European development of new tanks against Russian T14 with German artillery and French turret

In the context of America's priority, Europe feels the need for its own defense force, and EMBT is an important step.

At the French Sartori Defense Exhibition in 2018, the European main war tank (EMBT) technology concept vehicle, which was developed jointly by the German and French defense industry, made its debut, indicating that a new generation of main war tanks in Europe have been put on the agenda.

In particular, it is necessary to point out that EMBT is the joint development of the German and French defense industry. Germany and France had also decided to jointly develop the fourth generation of stealth fighters, so EMBT could also be regarded as another effort to strengthen its own defense and to get rid of its dependence on the United States.

The main operational target of EMBT is Russia's T-14 main battle tank.

From the overseas data, the EMBT project was launched in 2012, when the European countries learned that the Russian T-14 main battle tank was about to be developed. It used a unique unmanned turret, 125 millimeter bore cannon (the future is likely to be upgraded to a 152 millimeter bore gun), a 1500 horse power diesel engine, a new generation of armor, The new detection system and information processing system are more powerful than the existing T-90 main battle tanks. In this case, the German and French Panthers 2 and the Leclair main battle tanks have been difficult to deal with the T-14 main battle tanks. Therefore, Germany and France consider the development of a new generation of main battle tank. This project is called the future ground shift. Action warfare system (MGCS), in view of the expensive development of the new generation of main battle tanks, Germany and France are determined to jointly develop a new generation of main battle tanks, which can not only improve the versatility of the military equipment, simplify the logistic support, but also increase the scale of the equipment, share the cost and the cost of development.

After the Ukraine crisis, the relations between Russia and the West are tense, and the western countries feel that they may have ground conflict with Russia in central and Eastern Europe and begin to deal with them. On the other hand, after the new president of the United States, the American priority strategy is carried out, the US and Europe trade is a touch, in this context, Germany and France two The state has to consider that if there is a ground conflict with Russia, it may be impossible or impossible to get the support of the United States immediately. Therefore, it is an important step to set about the establishment of the European defense force and the joint development of the EMBT main battle tank.

De France is still developing a new generation of fighter jets

From the relevant pictures, you can see that EMBT uses a German 130 millimeter cannon, indicating that MGCS may use the artillery as the main gun. From the domestic and foreign related units, the T-14 use of unmanned turrets may be an important purpose of saving the weight to strengthen the protection, and the progress of the armored Technology, so the T-14 car Body protection is much better than T-90, so MGCS needs more powerful artillery, and it is obviously the simplest way to increase the caliber of the artillery. In order to deal with the T-14 main tank, Germany and France have respectively launched their own large caliber tank guns, France developed a 140 millimeter cannon, Germany developed a 130 millimeter cannon, two Compared with the existing 120 millimeter bore guns, the artillery can provide larger chambers and launch more powerful armor piercing shells to deal with T-14 main battle tanks.

France 140 mm smooth bore gun, pay attention to muzzle brake.

Germany has developed a 130 millimeter cannon

A MGCS picture of a 130 millimeter cannon

So why MGCS uses a German 130 millimeter muzzle gun instead of a larger caliber French 140 millimeter cannon, the main reason may be that the 140 millimeter bore is larger and the back seat is more powerful. France has installed the muzzle brake in the 140 millimeter chamber gun, but this will have an adverse effect on the tail wing stably shelling and the armor piercing projectile. The 140 mm projectiles are large, reduce the number of tanks and reduce the capacity of the tanks. In contrast, the German 130 millimeter cannon is a good compromise between power and weight, and Germany is also above the French for tank gun development. From these angles, EMBT chose German 130 millimeter cannon. It's not hard to understand.

But the French also have their own technical advantages, that is the automatic loader, which may be the reason why EMBT chooses the French turret. When France developed the Leclair main tank, it thought that the shell was too heavy, the soldiers had a high load, and the automatic loader was developed, and Germany was on its own. The body quality of the tank soldiers is obviously much relieved. The 2 main battle tanks of the leopard still use artificial loading, but the 130 millimeter muzzle artillery shells are much heavier. So Germany also believes that EMBT needs to use an automatic loader to ensure sustained operational capability. In this case, the EMBT or MGCS may be a German chassis, artillery plus. The French automatic loader is integrated together.

In the 80s of last century, the Soviet Union developed the four generation main battle tank.

NATO then launched a new generation of tank development, the 140 millimeter bore gun prototype, the history is always so amazing similarity.

The emergence of EMBT reminds us of the cold war during the cold war. In order to deal with the Soviet FST-1 main battle tank, NATO opened the fourth generation of main battle tanks. The most important thing was to develop a 140 millimeter chamber gun. With the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the work was also pause. Now, the EMBT rejoined the horse, making people exclamation the competition and return of the great powers. The world stage makes the global situation more turbulent. (by the author: Xiaofei pig)

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