The man cut the subway cable in anger when he was punished for being late for work.

The man cut the subway cable in anger when he was punished for being late for work.

Original title: Subway: I asked you to provoke you? When the guy was late for work, he was criticized for cutting off the Nanchang Metro cable.

Jiangxi, China's Jiangxi net news, Guo Liang, full media reporter Zhao Hongyu reported: Heilongjiang 21 year old gang Lu LV in the New District of Nanchang City, a company to work in the town, because of being late criticized and punished, the subway line 1 subway line cut, causing significant losses. Yesterday, reporters from the New District Public Security Bureau was informed that the police house in time to help detect the destruction of public and private property, and arrested one of the suspects.

On the morning of June 5th, the firewood house police station received a telephone call from a department head of a company in the district. It said that one of its workers violated the regulations of the company and did not obey the system management. In order to break the anger, it cut several subway train lines of Nanchang Metro line 1, which was being assembled, and more than 10 unused subway lines. Causing serious loss of property and requiring public security organs to deal with it according to law.

The police quickly came to the company to understand the case, the investigation site, and under the assistance of the enterprise, the suspects were quickly controlled and summoned by Lu Mou to the police station for inquiry.

After investigation, on the morning of 5, the suspect Lu man (male, aged 21, Heilongjiang) was criticized and fined for being late for work. Instead of retaliation, LV, who had a grumbling heart, thought that the class leader was deliberately retaliation, and did not listen to his colleagues trying to dissuade him. He ran to the extension line of line 1 of the Nanchang metro line, which was working on the assembly. It was forced to cut the main line of the body with a special tool and continue to cut 19 bundles of unused subway special. Line。 Because the car body is about to be assembled and finished, the main line of the cutting body is fine, so that the car body needs to be dismantled and cabled again, causing great losses to the enterprise.

On trial, Lu Mou regretted his behavior of damaging property due to impulsiveness and recklessness, and confessed to the facts of the crime. At present, Lu Mou has been placed in administrative detention, and the follow-up will be further investigated according to the needs of the case.

Source: Jiangxi network, China

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