What does Andouble send the 7 shirt of Malaysia Prime Minister?

What does Andouble send the 7 shirt of Malaysia Prime Minister?

Original title: Andouble sent Malaysia Prime Minister No. 7 jerseys, what does that mean?

China South China Sea news network June 13, according to the Malaysia media "today's great horse" 12 reports, Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo and visiting Malaysia Prime Minister Mahathir held talks, and exchanged views on a number of issues.

At the press conference, Mahathir presented Andouble with a book about himself and said that Andouble could understand him better.

Andouble gave the 2018 World Cup Japanese national team jersey to Mahathir, with the name and number 7 on Mahathir's shirt. Reported that this symbolizes Mahathir is the seventh Prime Minister of Malaysia. Andouble said the gift also implied expectations for the future development of relations between the two countries.

CNN News Network noted that the 2018 World Cup will be held in Beijing from June 14th to July 15th in Russia. According to the May 31st national team's 23 National People's Congress list, the 7 player is Chai Chi Yue.

The public information shows that Chai Qi Yue is currently playing for the hidalf team and is an Asian player who has scored at the same time in the two big giants of the west a double male Real Madrid Barcelona.

The 26 year old Shibasaki Takeshi midfielder started his career at the deer island antler in the J League in Japan, and his highest light at deer island was no doubt the World Cup final against the Real Madrid in 2016. In that game, Shibasaki Take broke his opponent's door in forty-fourth and fifty-second minutes, although he failed to help the deer island antler's historic victory over Real Madrid, but his outstanding performance in that match still gave him the bronze medal of the world cup and received the attention of the world football world. 2 months later, Chai Qi Yue was landed in the West B League by Tenerife. After 16 games for the 2 ball on behalf of Tenerife, he was brought to the west a. Although Chai - Kai, who was at the time of Kimi, was troubled by injuries, he still impressed everyone with a wonderful goal - he hit a volley for the team in the Spanish League against Barcelona. (Yao Ling, China South China Sea News Network)

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