Lao Prime Minister: China Belt and Road Initiative initiatives are of great importance to the whole world

Lao Prime Minister: China Belt and Road Initiative initiatives are of great importance to the whole world

Original title: Prime Minister of Laos: "China Belt and Road Initiative" initiative of the world are of great significance

Wang Huan, the Prime Minister of Laos, at the International Conference "the future of Asia" in Japan in June 12th, said that Asia will continue to adhere to an open policy in the future and strive to build a stable world. This is to advance the process of globalization and bring about mutual prosperity. He also said that Chinese efforts to expand external cooperation, has contributed to the promotion of globalization, is currently promoting the "Belt and Road Initiative" initiative, which is an important infrastructure construction measures. Not just in Asia, "The Belt and Road" to the whole world, in the promotion of investment and trade, it is of great significance.

The 13 issue of Japan economic news published the contents of the speech in June. He said in his speech that Asia is opening its doors, but if Europe and the United States shut the door, it will not bring justice and fairness. Only by opening doors to each other can interests be shared. There is no need for tariff barriers and protectionism. If faced with an open attitude, dishonesty will lead to retrogression and disputes in reciprocal relations. Open minded, face to face dialogue, avoid interference in internal affairs, and take "win win" as the foundation, can we build an equal relationship without winners or losers.

With the full implementation of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2018, ASEAN (ASEAN) will be reborn as a single market and production base. It is not necessary for the regional economic integration to say that ASEAN will also try to expand free trade with other regions through regional comprehensive economic partnership (RCEP), and will continue to open the door to the world in the future.

Tong Lun said that in recent years, after consultations with the Chinese government, the railway project has been launched. The railway will go to Thailand from Vientiane in the north of Laos and will connect to other Southeast Asian countries. This is very important for Laos. He said he expected the railway to bring enormous economic benefits. Meanwhile, the Lao government is not particularly concerned about the debt burden.

Thailand also provides assistance to Laos in the construction of bridges and roads on the Mekong River. The road construction linked to Vietnamese ports is also advancing, and the Lao government expresses its gratitude to the Vietnamese government. In this way, if the interoperability in the region is strengthened, the investment and export from neighboring countries can be expanded.

In his statement, Laos mentioned that Laos had previously proposed the goal of getting rid of the "least developed country" status by 2020, but it would be difficult to reach the standard by 2020 without further development and industrialization. The Lao government will revitalize domestic investment, attract foreign investment and strive to get rid of the status of "least developed countries" by 2024.

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