Deputy director of East Lake District of Nanchang leaves 22 pages of H5 and nearly 40 photos farewell.

Deputy director of East Lake District of Nanchang leaves 22 pages of H5 and nearly 40 photos farewell.

Original title: Deputy District head of East Lake District of Nanchang resigned from H5: 22 pages, nearly 40 photos.

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"There is a kind of vision that always comes to mind when breaking up, leaving East Lake to cultivate my fertile soil. Short of paper, I can not finish my heart in love at the moment, "information daily Jiangxi political reading learned, recently, in the circle of friends, there is a name" East Lake, I always cherish the mother port "H5 in Nanchang public friends circle, the author of Nanchang East Lake District Deputy District Chief, East Lake District Public Security Bureau Director Chen Guo Beam.

At the time of his new career, Chen Guoliang bid farewell to East Lake with a 22 page H5.

East Lake started its career as a police officer and returned to East Lake two years ago.

"31 years ago, in East Lake, I started from a police career, more than five years of time, with the leaders and colleagues in East Lake had a profound friendship, no matter where to go, there is a deep plot of East Lake. The year before, I was lucky to return to the East Lake port. It was the organization that gave the platform, the comrades to the new, and the opportunity to recharge and recharge. At the beginning of H5, Chen Guoliang expressed his love for East Lake in a timely manner.

In 1985, Chen Guoliang, who had a police dream, applied for the study of criminal investigation and public security in Nanchang people's police school. After graduating in 1987, Chen Guoliang entered the East Lake branch of Nanchang Public Security Bureau, and began a career of police for more than 30 years.

In 1993, after working in East Lake for more than 5 years, Chen Guoliang transferred to the Political Department of the Nanchang Municipal Public Security Bureau. Since then, in the public security system, multiple jobs have been exercised. In 2016, Chen Guoliang returned to work in East Lake, from the committee member of the Nanchang economic and Technological Development Zone (deputy county), the director of the sub Bureau of the economic development zone of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Secretary of the Party committee of the East Lake District People's government, the director of the East Lake public security branch, and the party secretary of the Party committee.

As an outgoing farewell, information daily read in Jiangxi politics read that Chen Guoliang has taken up the post of Party committee member of the Nanchang Municipal Public Security Bureau and director of the political department.

22 page H5 farewell, "paper short" is hard to watch.

Chen Guoliang used 22 pages of H5 and nearly 40 photos to review his love with East Lake, and to the end of the landmark building in the East Lake District of the Bayi Square and Pavilion of Prince Teng.

"In the 22 months of office time, always with a deep feeling of thinking, doing things, always thinking for the development of East Lake to do some great contribution." This is Chen Guoliang's heartfelt words when he left office. In his own words, East Lake is a fertile land for nurturing him and a port that he always cherishes.

"Looking at a familiar face, looking back at the scene of the fight side by side, more than 660 days and nights, we are together with the moon, the frost and the snow, the attack and the hard work. We fully affirmed the "7.18" arson case, the two outsize cross-border drug trafficking cases, the public security, the public security satisfaction and the historical breakthrough of the polls. The image of the East Lake Iron Army highlights "the" words reading, between the lines and the true feelings. Behind each picture there are "stories" belonging to the public security of East Lake.

"For the last two years, I have been encouraged by my 'strengths', understanding of my' difficulty ', inclusive of my' shortcoming ', and giving me great confidence, courage, wisdom and strength."

"Although we always want to improve our living conditions, there are still many areas where we have not done enough. In peacetime work, sometimes demanding too fast and too strict may also hurt some comrades' feelings. Today, I would like to take this opportunity to express my deep regret for the regrets left to East Lake and the unhappiness brought to the comrades. Finally, Chen Guoliang said, in the new job, we will continue to pay attention to the development and progress of East Lake, and sincerely hope that the future of East Lake public security will be better.

"The development and changes of East Lake are always in front of us and are hard to forget. Thank you for accompanying me all the way. Thank you for moving me all the way. It will also be my most valuable asset. Pride, gratitude, apology, blessings. As Chen Guoliang said, he was reluctant to part with his endless love.

The officials say goodbye, write, and make a poem. True feelings

Changes in official duties, taking office and leaving office are all normal. When working in a place for a long time, it is unavoidable to feel "emotion" when parting.

The departure time of officials is often emotional. Some people write poems, write words, write letters and leave, and information daily Jiangxi political reading has also paid attention to officials leaving office.

Yang Weidong: I wish Jiujiang a better tomorrow

When Yang Weidong, the Secretary of the Jiujiang municipal Party committee, wrote a letter to the people of Jiujiang on the occasion of the promotion of the vice president of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and the director of the public security department, he wrote a letter to the people of Jiujiang. The letter said that although the new post had already been reached, the feelings about the people of Jiujiang would never change and the hearts of the people of Jiujiang will never change. I wish Jiujiang a better tomorrow and a happier Jiujiang people.

"I can not say goodbye to each other just because time is running out. Let me say goodbye to everyone. When you read this letter, I have been in the north of Jiujiang, 1700 kilometers away, and remember my second hometown, "

Information daily read in Jiangxi politics read that in December 2015, Yang Weidong was transferred to the Jiujiang municipal Party committee secretary and the first Secretary of the Jiujiang military sub regional party committee. On the morning of January 31, 2018, fifth plenary sessions were held at the first session of the thirteen National People's Congress of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Yang Wei Dong was elected vice chairman of the autonomous region.

In December 16, 2015, it became a longing "new Jiujiang man", and in January 19, 2018 it became a sentimentally attached "old Jiujiang man". A face appeared from time to time, and a picture was rolled back and replayed, and a section of the scene was shown again and again.

"Finally, thousands of words are translated into the most sincere wishes: I wish Jiujiang a better tomorrow. May the people of Jiujiang be happier! "

The central office of the Central Committee of the central government has finished the appointment of Hua Qing in Jiangxi Province.

In 2016, the central network office held the office of cadres at the office level and went to Jiangxi Province to serve as the Standing Committee and vice mayor of the Nanchang Municipal Committee. In March 2018, the appointment period is over.

At the time of departure, Hua Qing wrote a poem, expressing his displeasure in working in Jiangxi for two years: the year before last, Jiangxi came to exercise. High mountains and rivers will have a long period of winter to spring to the north of the wild.

"From Jiangxi today, we have a deep friendship and a long road." Information daily read from Jiangxi political reading that Hua Qing compiled his forty little poems written in Jiangxi Province to meet Gan River.

Wang Xin has served as Deputy Secretary General of the Jiangxi provincial Party committee, and the Secretary of the Provincial Bureau of letters and visits left Fuzhou.

In April of this year, Wang Xin, deputy secretary of the Fuzhou municipal Party committee and Minister of the organization, was transferred to the Deputy Secretary General of the provincial Party committee and the Secretary of the provincial Party Bureau of letters and visits (Provincial Government Petition Bureau).

"In order to avoid the awkward embarrassment of the collective delivery, I can not bear to have the heart to let you see the fragile feelings of my heart, I have quietly left Fuzhou before the day, please forgive my farewell!"

Information daily Jiangxi political reading noted that in 2014, Wang Xin transferred to Fuzhou, served as the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee, the Minister of organization. 3 years later, he was promoted to Deputy Secretary of the municipal Party committee and Minister of the organization.

Looking back at the 4 years of work in Fuzhou, Wang Xin has said, "Fuzhou has my homesickness that I can't give up. It's the hometown of my soul, I will always feel the friendship of my colleagues, remember the love of Fuzhou and promote the character of the talent."

Source: the "Jiangxi political reading" of the WeChat.

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