The bus driver and the old man were quarrelled because of the conflict between 5 cents.

The bus driver and the old man were quarrelled because of the conflict between 5 cents.

Original title: bus drivers and the elderly because of the conflict between 5 jiao was stopped classes, netizens quarrelled.

Surging news reporter Chen Kaizi Intern Ren Yubo

In June 12th, Dalian LAN-STAR passenger travel Automobile Co., Ltd., in response to "the conflict between bus drivers and the elderly because of 5 corners of money", said that the driver of the Dalian Passenger Car Co., Ltd. responded to the surging news (, that the bus driver has been stopped and handled with the relevant departments. Dalian traffic bureau staff said that the situation has been recorded.

In the state enterprise credit information public display system, the driver owned company shows that the road operation license has expired and has been listed by the market supervision and Administration Bureau. Website screenshot

A video from the June 11th news of surging news showed that an elderly woman threw only 5 cents after a bus, and was asked to vote for a bus driver with a tattoo on his right arm without showing an old card. But the old man said he didn't get a license, but he was more than 70 years old and insisted on only 5 cents. In the video, the driver said to the old people, "you don't have enough money, you have to throw a piece." the old man argued, but the driver got off her 5 horns, and the two sides quarreled again. At this time, some passengers expressed willingness to help the elderly to invest one yuan, and another male passenger came forward with the driver theory, resulting in a physical conflict between the two sides. Finally, at the request of other passengers, the driver returned to the driving position to continue driving.

In June 11th, the office staff of the Dalian road passenger transport management office confirmed to the surging news that the incident occurred in June 10th, the position of the Dalian City No. 1201 bus Xia Jia He River Station. The staff said that the 1201 road bus line does not belong to the operation and management scope of the Dalian bus group, but is responsible for the Dalian LAN-STAR passenger vehicle limited company.

Surging news in Liaoning state enterprise information public information system inquiries, Dalian LAN-STAR Passenger Car Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise, the company's legal representative is Liu XX, founded in 2000. In the administrative licensing information column, the reporter found that the company's Road business license expired on May 12, 2018.

In 2015, the company was listed by the market supervision and Administration Bureau of Xigang District of Dalian in accordance with the annual report of the eighth article stipulated in the Provisional Regulations on the public notice of enterprise information.

In June 12th, a person in charge of Dalian LAN-STAR passenger travel Automobile Co., Ltd. told the news that the video content was true on the Internet, and the bus driver in the video was the official employee of the company. At present, the company has stopped working for the bus driver, and is willing to cooperate with the relevant departments to investigate. On the same day, relevant staff of Dalian traffic bureau said they would report the situation received and report it as soon as possible.

In response to this incident, many netizens expressed different views.

There is a strong driver.

Luo river waterline: the company system stipulates that there must be a license to get a discount. Although you are an elderly person, you have to get a permit. There is no problem with the driver's handling method.

Bashan Shu Shui 63: this driver should be supported because he can stick to principles and professionalism. The elderly should respect rules and not destroy rules with all kinds of reasons, without rules or Cheng Fangyuan.

The wind can not get out of the house: voucher riding, according to the rules, the driver is not wrong, many elderly people do not have a sense of rules.

Beijing's northern drift Beijing: drivers do business according to rules, and some elderly people rely on old age.

There is also a sympathy for the old man.

Stinky cobbler: obey the rules, not the young and the young! To be old and not to be reprehensible!

Welsun88: why? Everyone has an old day.

646856468526532: is that right? The old man is more than 70.

The people 666666: rules are dead, people are alive, flexible and flexible.


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