4 concerts, 5 fugitives made Jacky Cheung the capture of God.

4 concerts, 5 fugitives made Jacky Cheung the capture of God.

Original title: 4 concerts, 5 fugitives, let Jacky Cheung become "God capture" of the original is it.

Wang Xinxin, an surging journalist

In the 4 concert, 5 escaped criminals were caught. The concert of "singer Jacky Cheung" succeeded in achieving five killing of the escaped prisoners. From April 7th this year to June 9th, Jacky Cheung at 4 touring concerts in Nanchang, Ganzhou, Jiaxing, Jinhua, the police captured a fugitive prisoner in the first three games, and two fugitives were caught in the Jinhua concert.

Such a record has also given netizens the title of "plainclothes policeman Zhang" and "song world arrest" to Jacky Cheung. There are still many netizens who laugh at him. "He came to listen to my concert, and tickets were exchanged for handcuffs."

But ridicule is ridicule, and the real way to make the singer become "divine capture" is actually face recognition technology. The escaped criminals, who were arrested before the concert, were systematically "stared".

Why it is easier for a fugitive to catch a net in a concert

At the Jacky Cheung Jiaxing concert, the Jiaxing public security official announced that the escaped convict was caught in a certain process. In May 20th, just after 19, Shandong people came to the entrance to the west side of the Jiaxing stadium to check in on time. At this time, he did not realize that he had been "stared" with a smile.

"When he passed the security gate a few minutes later, we issued an early warning system. This person is an online fugitive." Shen Yueguang, director of the comprehensive management office of technology and data service center, Nanhu District Public Security sub Bureau.

Immediately, the police and security immediately on the relevant stands to search for the relevant stands, but because of the number of people on the scene, and the dim light, plus the concern that a large-scale patrol will cause the attention of the criminal suspect, finally the police choose the circuitous tactics, in the west side of the entrance to the outside of the stand squatting. Finally, when the concert ended, the police captured the crowd from the crowd.

If there is a singer who can make his fans do nothing in ten years, just want to listen to his concert? I'm afraid the answer is only Jacky Cheung. A series of concerts and tours, and the number of concerts was over 10000, all of which proved Jacky Cheung's popularity. It is not surprising that some of the escaped criminals are hiding under the huge number of fans. This makes the face recognition system useful.

From the above arrest process, we can see that the portrait recognition system set up at the entrance of the concert has become the key to capture the fugitive. How magical is this system? Why do fugitives get caught again and again in three places?

Speaking of face recognition technology, it is based on human face features, for input face images or video streams. First judge whether there is a face. If there is a face, the position, size and position information of each face organ are given. According to these information, the identity features of each face are extracted and compared with the known faces to identify the identity of each face.

At the concert security gate, the cameras set up by the public security departments can capture the face images of the people who enter the concert one by one. After comparing the database with the backend database, it is confirmed that the escaped criminal in the camera is the same person in the database, and the system will send out a warning message.

Why is the face recognition system so popular? The cloud from technology related people told the www.thepaper.cn, "in the scene of the concert, the light is fixed, the face quality is good, the face is not recognized at the same time, the equipment is low, the recognition rate is higher than the large public place."

Similar to the scenes at the concert, there are also the layout of the face recognition system at the airport and railway station security checkpoints. At these juncture, the camera is usually set up, which can help the police to confirm through real life, identity card scanning, ticket information and so on without changing the original business process. At these juncture, the system usually supports alarm functions, including support for classified alarm and support for alarm content push, such as blacklist personnel, authentication inconsistency, and outdated ID card.

Compared to the airport, railway station security check mouth, for some fugitives, the concert security mouth face recognition technology is relatively strange, to support the idol of them, may be full of joy, and at the moment also relaxed vigilance. "Face recognition technology in concert" is not very demanding in the industry, and there are many cases before. This time the God of song made everyone notice. However, the system is not perfect, and its disadvantage is that it can only catch the local fugitives or key fugitives, and also need to register the information of fugitives in advance on the Internet. Cloud from the science and technology related personnel said.

Singer is the face recognition technology endorsement, but who is the real winner?

So far, although the "song god" Jacky Cheung's "Sir" reputation is in the outside, but no company has come out to claim this "divine work to break the case" of the substantial contribution.

Www.thepaper.cn published photos from the Jinhua public security official micro-blog found an operating interface of a large platform in the police monitoring system. It was founded in 2012 by Dr. Zhu Long of University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), a postdoctoral researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, and the Shanghai "unicorn" co founded by Lin Chenxi, a former Ali cloud technology director.


According to the news of the surging news, the image recognition technology can quickly handle the large scale of human image data, realize the second level return comparison in the one billion level image library, and can perform the dynamic image recognition comparison based on the video stream, and the static face comparison based on the picture, which can quickly and accurately identify the identity of the queried personnel. Face tracking capture and recognition, real-time control, past passers-by path query functions are widely used in security and actual combat.

It can be learned from the official website that the big platform has already served nearly 30 provincial public security offices in the country, more than 150 public security systems in the city and the customs border checkout. Among them are the Zhejiang Provincial Public Security Bureau and the Jiangxi provincial public security department.

It is interesting that the four big Unicorn enterprises in the field of face recognition in China, such as face++, Shang Tang technology, technology of Yi, and the attitude of cloud from science and technology to the security field, have taken a low-key cold point and do not want to propagate much.

From the existing public data, Kuang has taken the Zhejiang Hangzhou G20 security list. The official website of Shang Tang technology shows that its partners include a Public Security Bureau in Guangdong and the Yunnan Provincial Public Security Bureau. From the technology there are Guangdong public security department, Heilongjiang MuDanJiang Railway Station, Chongqing Shapingba railway station and so on.

In addition to the business strategy of "making a big noise", it may also be related to fierce competition in the field of security. Many suppliers in the current stage of the bidding process, there are still in order to seize the tickets for the field of intelligent security, and bidding at below cost price.

"This situation is not only in the industry, but also in most competitive industries. Many are for pre empt positions, and then for revenue. Because in the field of security, if you go in, you will not change suppliers. A face recognition field insiders told surging news.

According to the schedule, Jacky Cheung's next concert will be held in Zhuzhou, Hunan. For these suppliers, it may be possible to consider hiring Jacky Cheung as a spokesperson for his own technology and pulling an order. After all, "song god" has been found everywhere in the eyes of public security and ordinary people.


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