Andouble expresses his determination to Malaysia: Indo Pacific region including South China Sea

Andouble expresses his determination to Malaysia: Indo Pacific region including South China Sea

Original title: referring to the South China Sea issue, Andouble's "determination to Malaysia"

China South China Sea news network June 13, according to the Malaysia media "today's great horse" 12 reports, Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo and visiting Malaysia Prime Minister Mahathir held talks, on the South China Sea, credit, strategic policy and other issues exchanged views.

The report said that during the talks, Andouble said that the India Pacific region, including the South China Sea, should remain "free and open" on the basis of the rule of law so as to maintain regional peace and prosperity. "Japan is willing to cooperate with the countries that support the concept of India too. I am determined to further strengthen cooperation in regional peace and stability, including maritime safety. "

Abe and Mahathir unanimously agreed that the Malacca Straits and the South China Sea should "maintain the free navigation of ships around the world".

In addition, due to the problem of national debt, the Malaysia government tried to use the prime minister's visit to seek help from Japan. At a press conference on the 12 day, Mahathir told Malaysia media that he had advised Prime Minister Andouble to provide yen credit to Malaysia, and Andouble agreed to consider the proposal. However, the two sides did not discuss the specific amount of yen credit.

Earlier, Mahathir and Japanese Prime Minister Abe jointly held a press conference, said Malaysia and Japan will revitalize and enhance the "east look" policy, in order to deepen cooperation and strengthen the economic competitiveness of the two countries.

According to the report, Mahathir put forward the policy of "looking eastward" in 1982, in order to transfer the focus on the west to Asia, especially Japan, to help promote the industrialization of the country. According to Ma Xin's report, the policy is regarded as a synonym for the rapid growth of Malaysia's economy during the period of Mahathir's administration. (Yao Ling, China South China Sea News Network)

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