Foxconn employees in Shenzhen refer to the transformation of villages in cities, resulting in a rise in rent, Vanke denied.

Foxconn employees in Shenzhen refer to the transformation of villages in cities, resulting in a rise in rent, Vanke denied.

Original title: the rise of rent forced the poor? Foxconn employees open letter triggered controversy in Vanke village renovation

"The 1044 city villages in Shenzhen live in 60% of the urban population and provide the first foothold for the people who come to Shenzhen to pursue their dreams. They are the cornerstones of the vitality and competitiveness of the special economic zone." In April this year, in the "City Creation Conference" held by Vanke, retired Wang Shi personally served as a platform for the "Wan village plan" and expressed his love for the village in the city.

"Wan Cun plan" refers to the comprehensive renovation of the village in Shenzhen by Wanke, and the transformation of the village house from the villagers' hands to a long rental apartment. Recently, because of a public letter from Foxconn employees, the village renovation project in Wanke city has been disputed. There are netizens on the social network that the transformation of the village in the city of Vanke is driving "the poor".

Does the village reform in the city lead to a rise in rent?

Vanke: prices are in the same range before and after the transformation.

According to the first financial report, recently, since Vanke entered Foxconn's new village in the north gate of Longhua factory in Shenzhen, the employees of Foxconn expressed "Wanke attack and panic". They worried that the rent was soaring after the transformation of Vanke.

Foxconn employees posted a "open letter to Foxconn employees" in the factory area, pointing out that the current single room rent has reached 700-800 yuan per month and has already occupied 1/3 of the salary, and the rent should be greatly increased after the transformation of Vanke. Foxconn employees ask for higher wages to keep up with the increase in rent.

Worrying about rent increases is more straightforward than worrying about rising housing prices. If even rent rises to an unaffordable level, there will be no retreat in urban life. Yes, this open letter has attracted more attention.

In fact, this is not the first time that Vanke caused a dispute over the villages in the city. Before Wanke reformed the village of Yutian village in Shenzhen and the village of new Wai Tsai, it also caused public opinion.

In the evening of June 11th, Wanke's Shenzhen Wancun Development Co., Ltd. issued a description of the transformation of the village of Shenzhen in the village of Qing Hu Village in its official WeChat platform. It shows that in fact, rents before and after the transformation of urban villages are in the same range.

It also stated that Vanke's investment in house fire, pipeline, interior decoration, operation and maintenance is great, and the cost of transformation is high, but it will use the real estate development experience for more than thirty years, set the complete functional space in the more intensive unit area, and strive to maintain the single apartment. The rent is stable, providing a safer and more comfortable living environment for tenants.

For example, the Wan Village Development Company, for example, for example, in the new Wai Tai project in Bantian, the average price of the single room in the village of new Wai Tsai city is 800 yuan / Room / month, the price range of one house and one guard is 1100-1200 yuan / a month, the average price of two rooms and one guard is 1250 yuan / M / month, and the price range of the apartment is 798-1398 yuan (including household appliances) after the transformation.

In addition to the hidden worries of the rent increase, the forced displacement of Foxconn is also a matter of concern to the staff of the company. A Foxconn employee said that a two or three building tenant was moving away from the deadline, and he did not know how long it would be able to live again, and where to move. "Although my landlord said that I had no intention of remolding my place for the time being, I also said that the increase in rent is estimated to be unavoidable."

Wanke mooring is in great demand

Benchmarking is 10% more expensive than the rent of a village house

Public information shows that in July 5, 2017, Shenzhen Vanke capital contribution 10 million set up a special operation company Shenzhen Wancun development limited company, and then, with the Yutian village in Shenzhen, new Wai Tsai and other cities in the city of the village to intervene in the village of Shenzhen transformation operation. By the end of 2017, Vanke has expanded 33 villages in Longgang, Baoan, Fukuda, Longhua, Pingshan, Nanshan and Yantian, and signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Nanshan District in Shenzhen, Longgang, Baoan, Fukuda, Pingshan, Nanshan and Yantian, among which 10 villages have opened the whole rent and reform operation.

Due to the upgrading of the surrounding environment and the further improvement of the residential function, the rise of rent is undoubtedly the most realistic problem in front of the tenants in the process of the renovation and renewal of the village in the city. Daily economic news (micro signal: nbdnews) reporters in April this year visited the village of Wanke City, the pilot area of the transformation pilot area of new Wai Zai village, because of close to large enterprises such as HUAWEI, the land rental demand is more exuberant.

At that time, a Wanke apartment staff told reporters that the house was released in early March at the end of February, two weeks full of rent, the new housing is being renovated, to June, the rent is 800 yuan ~1400 yuan / month, is about 15~20 square meters, with the decoration, but no refrigerator and washing machines, such electrical appliances, half a year, signed, signed half a year, There's a public laundry and a kitchen.

At the end of last year, the first model building of the new head village in Kong tau Tsai was unveiled. According to the Nanfang Daily's report, the rent of Wanke park is 10% higher than that of the same village in the same village.

Zhang Bo, the chief analyst of the 58 Anju Property Research Institute, said in an interview with the daily economic news (nbdnews) that the village reform should be viewed rationally. There were many hidden dangers in the rental housing in the village, and the living environment of the farmers' house was obviously improved through renovation and renovation. On the one hand, the government policy support can be considered to reduce the cost of the operating party to alleviate the rent rise, and on the other hand, the low rent housing demand of the tenants can be configured from more corresponding housing supply.

According to the survey data of Shenzhen city regulation committee, the total area of the village in Shenzhen is about 320 square kilometers, accounting for 1/6 of the total land area of Shenzhen. The rental housing in Shenzhen's urban village accounts for 70% of the total rental housing, which is one of the most important parts of the rental market supply. In October 2017, Shenzhen issued the "opinion of the office of the people's Government of Shenzhen on speeding up the development and development of the housing rental market" to guide the villages in the city to carry out large-scale leasing through comprehensive renovation. At the same time, Shenzhen plans to carry out 1 million large-scale urban village housing stock leasing business. Under the policy background, many housing enterprises, banks and intermediaries began to rebuild Shenzhen's urban villages and develop housing tenancy.

However, as far as the current problem is concerned, it is still necessary for housing enterprises to consider the problems of Housing enterprises to carry out the transformation of the village in the city, to enter the housing rental market, and to bring about the contradiction between the cost and the rent.

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