The house was inexplicably demolished and the owner was asked to prove that my house was mine.

The house was inexplicably demolished and the owner was asked to prove that my house was mine.

Original title: the house was inexplicably demolished. A landlord in Jiujiang was asked to prove that "my house is mine".

"Jiujiang zero distance" WeChat on the news of June 11th news, live in Jiangxi Jiujiang original brand clip community railway near the city of Ms Zhang recently met a wonderful work, the previous days her house in her uninformed circumstances were dismantled, found the relevant department, but was asked to prove that "my house is my" embarrassment.

"In the afternoon of May 28th, someone called my husband and said," my house has been demolished. " Then my husband came to see it quickly. But when he came over, he had already dismantled it. Then he said, "why didn't you open it up without notice?" Who has been told to dismantle it? Then the staff just ignored it, and said impatiently that it was a street run. They said they had something to do with the streets. Ms. Zhang said to the reporter.

Ms. Zhang's sister-in-law said that this house was an old house left by her parents. They also repaired it last year. Now they say that they are demolished and demolished.

"At the earliest time, it was still on the road. My father could sometimes order a la carte or something. After the house was built, our family lived there, and no one lived there. At first, when we were not married, my father lived here occasionally. " Ms. Tan, Ms. Zhang's sister-in-law, said.

"Last year when we were painting, we also prepared the newspaper with the street. After finishing the painting, I left my husband's phone there. They didn't tell us when they were demolished, nor did they inform us. Ms. Zhang, the citizen, also said.

Ms. Zhang said, although the house is not large, but the building is the time, the relevant departments of the approval, the house is legal, can not be so dismantled.

"We do not belong to the illegal structures. We are recognized by the previous government departments, and the government departments still have written approval. My father-in-law is called Tan Xunlong, official folder, and the number of the house. Then this is the original City Construction Bureau, the nature of self construction, and then the building batch of our house is 10 square meters, but the surrounding vegetable land is not an area, plus that about 20 to a square meter. Ms. Zhang, the citizen, said.

When Ms. Zhang took the approval, she found the reply to the Binxing Street office, which was responsible for the demolition.

"They did not recognize this thing, but they admitted that they had demolished it. I said you doubt you will go to the appraisal, he said, let me find the relevant department to prove that you said I was originally the original, who do you want me to find out? Isn't that a very unreasonable request for you? You ask for this wonderful work condition. " Ms. Zhang, the citizen, also said.

In order to understand the detailed situation, we found the original section of the area in charge of the demolition of the development zone of the development area Binxing Street office, a leader surnamed Wei said, Ms. Zhang is now really need to go to the relevant departments to prove the certificate in her hand, the current comment, they can not recognize.

"To the Ministry of land, City Construction Bureau to verify, no matter how, the Department will not change, the Jiujiang Construction Bureau is also right now, the Construction Bureau he will be out of this thing. It's not what you say is useful, nor what he says is useful, I want relevant departments to prove it. The staff of the Development Zone Binxing street said.

The staff member said that they had no responsibility and obligation to confirm the approval.

"I don't care whether it's built or not. We build it from my understanding. I just said, we first dismantling, if you take out the legal basis, you go to the higher departments, the competent department identified, identified the fault of our Binxing street, then the compensation compensation, how it is like how. The staff of the Development Zone Binxing Street told reporters.

Source: "Jiujiang zero distance" WeChat public number

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