Henan Xinyang primary school teacher used his body to prevent students from being hit and killed.

Henan Xinyang primary school teacher used his body to prevent students from being hit and killed.

Original title: a primary school teacher in Xinyang, Henan, was in a critical position to physically block students. Unfortunately, he was killed.

Dahe Dahe client news June 13th, at 17:30 on June 11, 2018, Henan Xinyang the Shihe River District Dong Jiahe Town Green breeze elementary school normally school. After the school is concentrating all the students on the routine safety education in the playground, Li Fang, a Chinese teacher of grade two, escorts students home safely from the school gate from west to East, through a traffic light crossing (50 meters away from the school) on the way to assist the escort students to pass through the intersection safely.

Around 17:51, the road patrol team went to the traffic lights, and the students passed the green light instructions. Suddenly, a deep red, no license motor tricycle, loaded with watermelon, rushed to the road protection team from north to south, and there was no sign of braking. The situation is extremely urgent. When Li Fang shouted to the students to avoid it, he rushed forward and blocked his students with his own body, and pushed the students away. Unfortunately, miss Li Fang was badly hit by a motorcycle tricycle, falling unconscious on the ground and 4 other students injured.

After the accident, the teacher immediately dialed 120 first aid center telephone and 110 alarm telephone. The Central School of Dong Jia He Town and the green wind hope leading group of primary school were in the first time to reach the scene of the accident, and the relevant information was reported to the main leadership of the District Education Bureau. After being informed of the situation, the party secretary and director of the District Education Bureau immediately arranged the main leaders of the schools at the scene to do the related rescue work for the injured teachers and students.

After dialing 120 first aid phone, as Dong Jia He town is far away from the city, considering the situation of injured teachers and students, the school immediately arranges the vehicle to send the injured teacher Li Fang and the other 4 injured students to the 154 Hospital of Xinyang, which is arranged by the first aid center for treatment. At the same time, the leaders of the District Education Bureau and relevant staff also rushed to the 154 hospital to wait and coordinate with the hospital about injuries and teacher-student rescue. Around 18:30, the injured teachers and students arrived at the 154 hospital.

After preliminary examination by the 154 hospital, 4 students who were rescued by teacher Li Fang were not at all serious. The CT machine failed because of a CT examination by an injured student in hospital. In order to ensure the safety of students, 4 students were transferred to the Central Hospital in advance at 19:30. At the center of the hospital, the hospital arranged experts to make a further diagnosis of the injured students. One of the students had 6 stitches in the head, the other 3 were lighter injuries, and 4 students were arranged with one to one assistance.

Li Fang was examined by CT in the 154 hospital. He was diagnosed as a fracture of the skull and a large area of brain tissue was bleeding. The hospital recommended surgery. After consulting Li Fang's family members, Mr. Li Fang was transferred to the central hospital at 20. After being examined by experts in the Central Hospital, Li Fang was diagnosed with brain stem hemorrhage, but not suitable for surgery. In order to further improve the treatment work, Li Fang's CT inspection report was transmitted to Wuhan Union Hospital and the experts of the consultation. Experts from two hospitals in Wuhan diagnosed that the condition of Li Fang was not suitable for long-distance operation.

After all the efforts of the medical staff, they failed to save Mr. Li Fang's life and died on duty in June 12th.

Li Fang, a girl, was born in May 1969. After graduating from the original Xinyang normal school in 1989, she was assigned to the sheffan elementary school in Dong Jiahe town. After the withdrawal of the school, the primary school was assigned to the green wind hoping to teach in primary school. During teacher Li Fang's teaching, he loved students, United colleagues, obedient to leadership, diligent work, selfless dedication, outstanding achievements in education and teaching, and received high praise from parents and colleagues. (the original title of this article is "at a critical juncture, a village female teacher in Xinyang has physically blocked students and was killed by accident").

Source: Dahe newspaper

Editor in responsibility: Wu Jinming

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