Thousands of military vehicles to Russia's military exercises outside Russia is only 80 kilometers away from Russia.

Thousands of military vehicles to Russia's military exercises outside Russia is only 80 kilometers away from Russia.

In the early June, a large number of NATO troops reloaded to the Baltic States and launched a "Sabre counter attack" exercise aimed at Russian troops. Thousands of armored vehicles started from central Europe, and the soldiers rushed in two days and nights to reinforce the narrow Lithuania land passage.

A large number of NATO chariots reinforces the Baltic three countries

In June 7th, a troop troop of US troops made a long journey to Lithuania and soon encountered four serious accidents in the high speed. Even so, the old way of ground reinforcements is still the most effective way of confrontation in Eastern Europe.

Us Armored Cavalry Regiment TREK car with rear end collision

Thousands of TREK reinforcements in Eastern Europe

The "2018 army knife counterattack" military exercise involved 19 countries and 18000 troops. The exercise began in June 3rd and lasted for 12 days. During this period, the multi country ground forces, including the European and American troops, will start from Phil Silke in Germany, and will go to Lithuania in the north and the north of Eastern Europe on the north and the south, to reinforce the Baltic countries.

The military knives countered the military performance with the participation of 19 countries

A German long range rocket artillery in the exercise

Among them, south road passes through eastern Germany and then passes through Prague, capital of Czech. The north road passes through Poland to the Baltic Sea. The two armored forces still need to bridge and cross the river along the way, eventually in central Poland, through the narrow Soviet Union gap in Poland - Lithuania border, and then to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Reinforcements of NATO troops arrived in Lithuania, Germany, Poland and Czech.

The main force of the military exercise is the US Army's nearly 1000 M1126 "TREK" armored vehicles. On the morning of June 7th, the "TREK" chariot of the 2 battalion of the second Armored Cavalry Regiment of the US Army finally arrived in Lithuania after spending two days and nights and marching nearly 600 kilometers. But shortly after the US Army entered Lithuania, there was a serious accident on highway 130. The four "TREK" had a rear end collision and turned over the road. The location of the incident was about 80 km from the Russian border.

Fortunately, four rear end chariots did not bump into civilian vehicles, but 15 of them were hospitalized, mostly after minor injuries.

The second Armored Cavalry Regiment came from a rear end crash.

Such heavy lifting has been rare since the end of the cold war.

Sue Varki's soft rib

After the Russian invasion of Crimea in 2014, after the civil war in Ukraine, the NATO army had carried out four "military knives retaliation" exercises along the Baltic coast in order to counterbalance the Russian army's "western" series of large military exercises. Because of the special geographical location of the Russian enclave Kaliningrad, there is only a narrow land corridor between the three countries of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia and between China and Europe, that is, the gap between Lithuania and the Soviet Union of Poland.

Sue Varki gap is adjacent to the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, and the Russian army can cut the corridor through Belarus.

The terrain in Lithuania is gentle, most of which are farmland and forest along the Sue Varki gap. In accordance with the experience of the Ukraine war, the Russian armed forces and remote Artillery Forces, even without the support of the aeronautics, could control the gap of less than 100 kilometers in a few weeks and completely cut off the Baltic and central Europe.

Sue Varki gap has become the soft spot of Eastern Europe, the focus of the Russian army. Whether NATO ground troops can quickly reinforce and break through this gap will involve the survival of the Three Kingdoms in wartime. In 2017, when the first armored division deployed Poland, it deliberately chose not to ship directly to Poland, but to unload the chariot in Antwerp, Belgium, and travel across Germany to the camp through road transport. For the first time in April 2018, the 1 U. S. Army Red Army was in the first fifteen years to move 700 chariots along the Bavaria road to match the NATO's mobile security and command system that was not used for many years.

The first armoured division of the United States unloaded from the Belgian port, and the road marched to Poland.

After the reloading of the motorcade, pay attention to safety

This reinforcements drill hundreds of heavy chariots on the road, which not only cause high accidents, but also pose great challenges to local traffic. The German traffic police have buckled an American artillery company on the highway this year, because the Poland trailer, the Poland trailer carrying its own artillery, was overweight and overweight, and the six artillery was unloaded on the road by the day. Just imagine that when the war broke out, thousands of chariots would have to pay a lot of tickets to arrive at the front line of Lithuania. (authorship: existentialist choir)

The German traffic police detained a team of self-propelled artillery

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