Children's rehearsal mistakes are teachers' slap in the face. Education Bureau: order dismissal

Children's rehearsal mistakes are teachers' slap in the face. Education Bureau: order dismissal

Original title: Children's rehearsal program error teacher slapped the Education Bureau: ordered dismissal

In June 12th, a kindergarten teacher in Zhashui County, Shangluo, Shaanxi Province, received a couple of ears to a number of children in the class. The video was uploaded to a WeChat friend circle by a net friend. Reporters to Zhashui County propaganda department to verify, confirm the video is true, Zhashui County Education Department immediately involved in the investigation.

The video shows that in a kindergarten, dozens of children are rehearsing programs on the playground and hand gestures under the guidance of a female teacher. At this time, some children have done the wrong action, and the teacher has punished several children in the face.

Later, the reporter learned from the Propaganda Department of Zhashui county that it really happened in the central kindergarten of Zhashui County, the central kindergarten, the garden was a private kindergarten, the teacher was hired by the kindergarten.

Lower beam Town Center kindergarten in June 12th issued a statement that: in a class of outdoor game activities in my garden, because of a young child is not educated, teachers will be due to stop, not the malicious assaulting of children on the Internet. After this incident, my garden has an unshirkable responsibility. After school in the afternoon, the parents of the whole garden will make an apology, write a profound review to the child, and get the understanding of the parents with a sincere heart.

After the incident, the Zhashui county science and technology and Education Sports Bureau arranged the investigation and verified, and carried out the situation description: in the morning of June 12th, the kindergarten (private) teacher Zhou of the central (private) kindergarten of the lower Liang town was led in the middle (1) class of children in the outdoor rehearsal program. Because of the impatience, the five children were punished unreasonably. The students have been sent to the medical examination for medical examination. At present, five children have no abnormal physical and emotional stability; it is ordered that the kindergarten should be dismissed immediately to the teacher Zhou, and to investigate the responsibility of the kindergarten. The County Central kindergarten will not report the relevant situation in time after the incident, and the County Bureau of science and education will start the accountability mechanism; the town will be responsible for the town of Liang Liang. The central kindergarten has been reorganized in an all-round way.

At present, this matter is still being further processed.

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