The Central Military Commission put forward a strong evaluation of the Discipline Inspection Committee.

The Central Military Commission put forward a strong evaluation of the Discipline Inspection Committee.

Original title: the Central Military Commission put forward a strong recruit, the military discipline inspection committee is trained, and the group army commander is fully examined.

Source: "Chang'an Avenue governor" WeChat public number

Focusing on preparing for war, the Central Military Commission will make vigorous efforts. A few days ago, the PLA's two high-level training courses started one after another, and 47 discipline inspection committee members took part in the training, and 13 group army commanders were assessed.

Chang'an Avenue ID:Capitalnews (WeChat) noted that, although the two training courses were completely different in training, they were essentially fighting as a standard.

At the National Defense University, in from June 5th to 12th, the second phase of the training of the Discipline Inspection Committee of the whole military sub theater level was held, and 47 discipline inspection committee members attended the training.

At the foot of the west mountain, the army commanders of the five war zone were taught to answer questions and 13 army commanders were examined.

On the morning of the 12 morning, the commander of the eastern war zone army commander Qin Weijiang and the commander of the Southern War Zone army commander Zhang Jian, the commander of the military commander of the Southern War Zone, have opened the prelude to the "understanding of the situation", "understanding the superior intentions" and so on through the video conferencing system.

After the reorganization of the army system, how to improve the commanding and commanding organs' winning skills is a major task in building a new modern army. In this regard, the army has recently organized a number of training sessions.

Just over half a month ago, nearly 400 officers from the school gathered in Korla, Xinjiang, to carry out the army's training and preparation for training and transformation. The military commander Han Weiguo and the political commissar Liu Lei were the captain and the political commissar, the commanders of the major units, the leaders of the political commissar and the instructors, and the leader of the army army of the group. All trainees are required to carry their own equipment according to the requirements of actual combat.

Han Weiguo once confessed that in the current actual combat background, the "five non" problems of individual commanders "will not judge the situation, do not understand the intention of the superior, will not set the battle determination, do not arrange the troops and dispose of the sudden situation".

The training of the head of the army campaign is to solve the "five non" problems, and to improve the strategic level and command ability of the campaign command. Chang'an Avenue governor (WeChat ID:Capitalnews) noticed that the difference between this training and the past is that the "three changes" have been highlighted.

From the side re examination institutions and training officers to the chief officer and general officers.

From focusing on skills examination, evaluation of business level to examination strategy and comprehensive literacy evaluation;

The examination conditions should be set up by focusing on different directions and the same subject, and changing the assessment conditions based on mission and corresponding tasks.

It is worth noting that in order to ensure the fairness and impartiality of the examination, the whole process of supervision is carried out.

Chang'an Avenue governor (WeChat ID:Capitalnews) found that the whole process of discipline inspection and supervision has been deeply involved in the various competitions and assessments of the PLA.

In the army campaign competition in May, the staff of the "discipline inspection" board were seen everywhere in the chest. They were able to prevent and correct the possible violations of the players, and supervise the organization and the adjudication personnel of the activities.

A leader of the army's Operations Bureau said with emotion, "in the past, we had a fixed impression that the Discipline Inspection Commission was looking for economic problems and managing discipline violations. Now we must change our concepts, cheat on the playing field, and do not go all out in the field of war.

In November last year, the training management department of the Military Commission, together with the Commission for the discipline of the Military Commission of the Military Commission, organized personnel to the eastern war zone, the air force training base and the various military and military organs, and launched the joint training of the war zone and the training and supervision of the military and military operations, and focused on the supervision of the advanced commanders and the command organs to understand the war, the wind and the wind. And accountability and accountability for violation of discipline.

Strengthening training and supervision is undoubtedly a good medicine to clear away the long-standing disadvantages of peace and enhance its combat effectiveness.

At the beginning of this year, President Xi Jinping issued a command to the whole army, emphasizing that all levels of the army should strengthen the clear guidance of training for military training, and unswervingly put military training in a strategic position and as a central task. At the same time, it is pointed out that strict training and supervision should be made.

Around the only standard of fighting power, the commanders at all levels of the liberation army were fighting the war, and the discipline inspection and supervision cadres were constantly practicing the wind, turning into a rope, moving forward on the strong army road with a new posture.

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