The United States House of representatives will debate the two "dreamers" bill next week.

The United States House of representatives will debate the two

China and the new network, June 13, according to the "Central News Agency" reported, in order to resolve the Republican Party in the election years, the United States Congress of the speaker of the house of Representatives Ruian next week will be two guarantees of "dreamer" free from repatriation, but by different faction of the Republican Party immigration bill, sent to the parliamentary debate.

A spokesman for Ruian (AshLee Strong) said that these measures would "solve border security and immigration problems". The Republican centrist and conservative party have been arguing about this topic all along.

The contents of the two bills are not detailed. It is not clear whether there will be enough support in the house of Representatives.

The Mark Meadows, one of the hardline leaders of the house of Representatives, said that one of the bills would provide temporary protection for dreamers. The so-called "dreamers" refers to the undocumented immigrants who enter the United States illegally in childhood.

These measures were put forward by the chairman of the Judiciary Committee of the house of Representatives, Goode Larter (Bob Goodlatte), and the Trump administration had expressed some support.

The bill may also impose strict new restrictions on legal immigrants and strengthen border security. There is widespread doubt whether it will be successful in the house of Commons.

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