Air force mysterious base exposure: senior academician wearing the latest helmet (Figure)

Air force mysterious base exposure: senior academician wearing the latest helmet (Figure)

Original title: visitors to the desert, the mysterious base of the Liberation Army exposure

Source: "Chang'an Avenue governor" WeChat public number

What kind of scene is the academician wearing the newest aviator helmet? Not long ago, such a picture appeared in the air force training base in Gobi, deep in the desert.

According to the Chinese air force network, the air force held a "science and technology and air force academician's Advisory camp" in a test training base in from June 3rd to 5th. 10 air force academicians' advisers made suggestions and contributions to the strategic transformation of the air force, the construction of combat power and the development of scientific and technological innovation.

What kind of place can we attract 10 academicians? The little partners understood the alias of the base, the air force Silicon Valley.

This is due to the training base, which is responsible for the new military equipment test, the air force actual combat training "four brands", the air force new quality combat power generation and other important mission tasks. It is a bridge link connecting troops, colleges and research institutions.

Chang'an Avenue ID:Capitalnews (WeChat) found that Tang Changhong, the academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and vice director of the China Aviation Industry and Technology Commission, is one of the ten academicians.

Perhaps the partners are strange to the title of the academician Tang, but it is sure to be familiar with the works of the academician Tang, which is the -20 of the new generation of heavy military transport aircraft.

Once on the CCTV talk show, Sa Beining introduced as "fat girl his dad" Tang Changhong's visit to the trial and training base, with the other academicians, "zero distance" felt the air force practical military training innovation and development results.

Prior to this, Tang Changhong participated in the research and design of our fighter bomber. This time, he stood before the top fighter jets of our army, and discussed with pilots about how to upgrade and upgrade the -20 fighters.

Chang'an Avenue ID:Capitalnews (WeChat) noted that, just a month ago, Tang Changhong also appeared in the same event with Yang Wei, the general designer of the annihilate -20, and vice president of the China Institute of aeronautical research. Yang Wei said that, for the future development of the fighter -20, the first is to form the fighting capacity as soon as possible, two is to carry out a series of development, the third is the innovation driven, and then the implementation of the curve overtaking.

CCTV reported in June 1st, set up a new generation of the air force of the new generation of stealth fighter -20, and recently organized the fighter -20 and the fighter -16, the annihilate -10C and other new fighter planes to carry out the cooperative practical training. Annihilating -20 takes advantage of its own situational awareness and stealth advantage to win the partial air supremacy. Then -16 and -10C annihilate the ground targets with long-range precision strikes.

The Chang'an Avenue governor (WeChat ID:Capitalnews) noticed that the unit was in the same Gobi with the academicians visiting the training base.

Not long ago, the military newspaper reported that as a high-tech force for new aircraft new aircraft and new installation, the officers and men had dared to sacrifice their courage to realize the flight of the fighters of the fighter -20, the annihilation -16, the annihilation of the fighter -10C, and the technical support of the aircraft.

At Zhu day and training base in July 30th last year, the Department sent 6 fighters -20 and 8 annihilation -16 to participate in the military parade of the Chinese people's Liberation Army (PLA) in 90th anniversary sand farms, and accepted the review of the motherland and the people with a new battle posture.

Vice captain Zhou Yong said that, whether we are flying training or mission planning, the personnel of science and technology and scientific research institutes form close loop together, give the most intuitive conclusions to the training quality and equipment performance, and provide the first hand data for the subsequent war method, training promotion and equipment improvement.

As he said, for such a special force, the new weapons, such as the annihilate -20 and other new weapons, can only improve the combat power and the aircraft's own performance only when it is used in the operation thinking as the traction and the operational requirements are applied to the training. The arrival of academicians will undoubtedly play a huge role in promoting this goal.

The academician visited not only the air force "red sword -2018" exercise, but also with 11 high level air force personnel and the backbone of the Army Science and technology, for the backbone of the air force technology "one to one" guide.

In fact, as early as 2000, the air force opened the first river in the army and hired the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering to serve as a consultant for the development and development of the air force, and set up a strategic platform to borrow intelligence from the top scientific and technological circles of the country. As of late last year, 156 academicians have been consultancies in air force development and development.

When the strongest think-tank meets the most courageous fighters, how can we not allow the mighty people's army to stride forward toward the goal of "strong army dream"?

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