Harbin Medical University, a hospital security block the ambulance?

Harbin Medical University, a hospital security block the ambulance?

Original title: Harbin Medical University hospital security block the ambulance? Response to the name of the police division

The CCTV network news (reporter Li Wenxue) is anxious to turn the serious ill wife out of the hospital's Zhao Hongjun, did not want to have trouble at the gate of the hospital, "the security guard saw the ambulance, but did not give open the door." What he did not expect was that his wife died in the ambulance when they argued.

Recently, the scene of the inpatient department of First Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University (hereinafter referred to as the first hospital of Harbin Medical University) has been bubbling up on the Internet. Why did security make such a move? Is it true that Zhao Hongjun says? What happened between them?

Family members of the deceased: security guards are not allowed to transfer ambulances.

"Harbin Medical University is one of the top hospitals in the province." In May 14th, Zhao Hongjun, a farmer in Laolai Town, Nehe, Heilongjiang, led a 44 year old wife, Zhao Shuqin, to see the doctor. Zhao Shuqin was admitted to hospital with lumbar spinal stenosis. Green Barre syndrome developed after operation and was admitted to intensive care unit in May 30th.

Zhao Hongjun, who had already been unable to afford medical expenses, decided to turn his wife back to the local hospital in Nehe.

In the afternoon of May 31st, Zhao Hongjun stopped four ambulances in the hospital and asked for a business card to one of the cars. The phone was told by the owner that the price was 3500 yuan, and then went through the discharge formalities and waited for the arrival of the car.

"Until more than 7 pm at night, the ambulance also did not come, then hit up to 5500 yuan." Zhao Hongjun was too expensive to use the car. More than 10 in the evening, others helped to find one. "The car costs 5700 (yuan), because it was too late. I accepted it too late. As a result, he said if the car was dead, he added 10 yuan per kilometre."

Zhao Hongjun calculated, 485 kilometers from the hospital to Nehe, if the wife died in the car cost more than 10 thousand, "really can not afford it."

The handicapped Zhang Lei of the leg was Zhao Shuqin's cousin, and the same ambulance was found in the outpatient department, but the other party said it could only take the job in the outpatient department and could not get the patient in the hospital. He later contacted an ambulance on the Internet. The other party first asked him to ship the patient out of the hospital.

In the morning of June 1st, Zhao Hongjun relations from the Nehe Laolai town hospital for 4000 yuan to find an ambulance, and the relatives to make up for "change a hospital treatment" proposal, want to transfer his wife to the city of No.2 Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University.

"After the car came into the hospital from the electric telescopic door of the ambulance passage, several people surrounded me and warned me not to come again." Zhang Lei, who was next to the ambulance, said good words, and later the security guard at the gate came over. "He said we went to the hospital to whistle, so that he was scolded by the leader. When we two quarrels, he takes a screwdriver and punched me. "

Unexpectedly, when the ambulance came to the telescopic gate 11 minutes ago, the conflict between the two sides escalated. "The car stopped for more than a minute, but the security guard still refused to open the door." Zhang Lei said, at this time he took out his cell phone and started recording. His wife went out of the passageway to find a security deal. Zhao Hongjun jumped out of the telescopic door and failed, so he pushed the door open.

"This process is about 10 minutes or so, and later they said that they could only walk away from the door and delay for an hour." Zhang Lei said, "cousin died in the car during this period."

On June 1st, the temperature of Harbin was as high as 36 degrees Celsius. Zhao Hongjun put his wife's body in a special police duty room next to the doorway of the hospital. After the police persuaded it to be transferred to the funeral parlor.

Follow the doctor: when you hear the security guard shout, "I won't open it for you."

Zhang Yongli, a village doctor, was a classmate of Zhao Hongjun and an ambulance he came from Laolai township health center. "At that time, it was good to take people back to Nehe," Zhao Hongjun said after sending it to No.2 Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University.

The patient was taken out of the intensive care unit and sent to the ambulance. Zhang Yongli, a car doctor, participated in the process. He said, at that time, the patient's condition was very critical, but when he got on the train, he could still breathe, and there was pulse and heartbeat.

Because the ambulance drivers are older and are not familiar with the road conditions in Harbin, Zhang Yongli has acted as a driver. "I didn't see any hint of whistling in the hospital, nor did I think the security guard would not open the door."

Zhang Yongli said that the security guards were sitting under the umbrella outside the door, watching the stopped ambulance open, and Zhang Lei took out his cell phone and began to record it. In the process of negotiations between the two sides, Zhang Yongli said clearly that the security guard said many times that he would not open it for you.

"From the ambulance parked in front of the gate, pushed to the front door by Zhao Hongjun, the process is about 10 minutes." Zhang Yongli said that there was no physical contact between the two sides.

Zhang Yongli, who is sitting in the car, has been concerned about the patient's condition. "I turned around and saw that the patient seemed to be no longer able to do it. When he got down and confirmed it, he hurried off to tell the patient's family."

Waiting for the car to start again is an hour later.

Reporter survey: there are several irregular ambulances in the hospital.

In a recordings provided by Zhang Lei, the reporter heard that a man mistook him as a colleague and said to him, "come on, my car is too much, let me earn a little." (you) pull your family members, take a trip and take a trip. " Another man said, "you always come, what are we going to eat?"

In June 5th, in the hospital, the reporter saw the kind of car Zhao Hongjun mentioned in the hospital, one in the outpatient department, two in the hospital, most of the golden cup van, the poor condition of the car, the no police lights and the alarm, only the words "first aid" or "certain hospital" on the car, and the small cards issued are marked as "ambulances".

In the course of the investigation, the reporter met a woman who was informed of a regular ambulance driver in the hospital of Kazakhstan. "Find the gold cup and ambulance parked over the hospital. They have a lot of cars, and there are 30 individuals."

A security guard is talking to a man. Zhao Hongjun's experience that day was that the patient's family had called the police and the police were dealing with it. Security guards occasionally come around and have to be investigated at any time.

In June 6th, the reporter saw Liu Xin, a security guard involved in the Security Department of Harbin Medical University Hospital. After answering the question that Li Zhiguo, the defence minister, was "beaten and not yet fight back", he just answered the reporter's questions, and Liu Xin retired according to Li Zhiguo's request.

Liu Xin's security guard is outside the gate and is eight or nine meters away from the telescopic door. From Zhang Lei's video, the reporter saw that when the ambulance rounded the police whistle in front of the door, Liu Xin sat under the parumbrella outside the guard guard, holding his cell phone across the gate to the ambulance.

Zhao Hongjun and a few relatives came to the door to negotiate, Liu Xin held the mobile phone to the door, Zhao Hongjun turned the expansion door again after the failure, forced open the expansion door, both sides entangled up.

Hospital response: differentiated responsibilities after police investigation

Li Zhiguo, Minister of Defense Department of the hospital of Hai Medical University, said that the security Liu Xin was Harbin Jing Bao Security Service Co., Ltd., the hospital was only responsible for the security of the security, and the Deputy Minister of security, Chi Fengming, and Han Liang, the captain of the security company, were responsible for the daily management.

Three people are basically consistent in the evaluation of the security involved. Li Zhiguo believes that Liu Xin is young and has no experience. Han Liang also said that Liu Xin, who was 30 years old, was "honest and honest." Chi Fengming thought Liu Xin was "the one who can't curse him."

But it is such a leader's "honest" security guard, but trapped in the "obstruction of ambulance out" of public opinion whirlpool.

In this regard, Li Zhiguo explained that Zhao Hongjun called the ambulance whistle into the hospital, easy to disturb the patient or family, Liu Xin went in to negotiate the conflict between the two sides. When the ambulance came out, the man on the car was recording with his cell phone. After seeing the security guard, he took out his mobile phone. The man on the car came down and hit the security.

"It seems that these people are prepared to come to the door and tell the security guards not to go outside." Han Liang said, later the family members began to fight security, "how do you say this door opens?"

Whether it is Li Zhiguo or Han Liang, it is said that the patient's family members get off the car first, causing the security guard to not open the door, and the time is about one or two minutes. Chi Fengming counted out, "the car came out, went to the door, had a simple conversation with the security guards, jumped out, and played security, before and after less than two minutes."

What about the security Liu Xin's injury? Liu Xin accompanied Han Liang to the police station and said he could not remember clearly, but his left arm was swollen by a stick.

And the reason why Zhang Lei has not yet been investigated is Li Zhiguo's responsibility.

Zhao Hongjun said that the kind of gold cup ambulance in the hospital, Li Zhiguo said that some of them were attached to other hospitals, not called black ambulances, but certainly not regular, "this is not related to our hospital, we can not define, as long as we have to let in."

Li Zhiguo also frankly said that these ambulances do have markets because regular vehicles are too tense to go far.

"According to our investigation, it is family members who give up treatment and do not belong to medical disputes, which is a public security case." Li Zhiguo said, "how can we accept public security organs? With our responsibility, we take responsibility. "

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