Cai Yingwen is strong enough to curb the heat of the Kuomintang candidate.

Cai Yingwen is strong enough to curb the heat of the Kuomintang candidate.

Overseas network, June 13, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, has always been the iron ticket warehouse of the Democratic Progressive Party. Recently, the trend of the opposition to the Kuomintang has emerged. The new mayor candidate of the Kuomintang, the Kuomintang KMT, has the momentum of overtaking the Democratic Progressive Party Chen Mai. In order to curb this momentum, Cai Yingwen, the leader of the Taiwan region, did not hesitate to jeopardize the image of the Democratic Progressive Party and escorted Wu Yinning, the manager of the scandalous Taipei agricultural production and marketing company.

According to the "medium time electronic newspaper", political analysts' rich rights pointed out that Cai Yingwen's move was to save Zhao, and to help the people of the Democratic Progressive Party Chen Qimai to participate in the Kaohsiung mayoral election, to save the decline of the green support rate in southern Taiwan.

Reported that the former Taipei agricultural marketing company manager Han Guoyu nominated Kaohsiung mayor candidate since the momentum has been very good. Because of its personal characteristics in line with the southern people's aesthetic, and efforts to establish an image, popularity in Kaohsiung is booming. Han Guoyu not only reversed Kaohsiung's "green bias" tendency, but also won some green camp supporters, including the three major churches with dark green background. Earlier, the Kaohsiung San Feng palace held a bath Buddha Festival and invited Han Guoyu. This is the first time that the Kuomintang people have been invited to take part in the event in more than ten years. The latest polls also show that Han Guoyu's support rate is only 6% behind Chen Chi Mai. Chen Qimai, who was expected to be elected mayor of Kaohsiung next time, was challenged by Han Guoyu.

Han Guoyu, the hot candidate, also has an identity, the former manager of Taipei agricultural marketing company. Wu Yinning, the current manager, has been exposed to the scandal of selling broken vegetables, eating shark fin dinner, embezzling public money and sending foreign wine, once called a high paid incompetent "senior intern" by netizens.

Fu believes that Wu Yin Ning's evil commentary is constantly incapable of highlighting Han Yu's ability. As long as Wu Yin Ning's negative evaluation is not diminish, Han Guoyu's positive image can be further fermented in Kaohsiung. This is not conducive to the election of Chen Qimai, the candidate of the DPP, so Cai Yingwen must wash his hands to punish Wu Yin Ning, so as to stabilize the situation in the south.

In addition to the unfavourable competition of Kaohsiung's mayoral candidate, other moves by Cai have also led to a decline in DPP's credibility in Kaohsiung.

According to the China assessment agency, the reform of public health pension system implemented by the Cai Yingwen administration will be implemented in July 1st. This reform has affected the rights and interests of one hundred thousand retired public servants and police officers. The Kaohsiung municipal Party committee of the Kuomintang has set up an administrative relief service office since June 12th to help relevant persons to bring charges.

Xu Kunyuan, the president of the Kaohsiung Municipal Council of the Kuomintang, said, "the DPP uses the majority of the violence to trample the dignity of the public," and calls for a vote of no confidence in the Democratic Progressive Party at the end of the year. (editor in editor / overseas network Hu Juntao)

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