30 years after the University's busy town chicken raising and nuisance, the provincial government moved quickly in the morning.

30 years after the University's busy town chicken raising and nuisance, the provincial government moved quickly in the morning.

Original title: provincial government overnight interviews, Henan Agricultural University chicken farm early morning relocation work

The northeast corner of Dongfeng Road and Fengqing Road intersection in Zhengzhou is a chicken farm with tens of thousands of chickens.

However, with the "first look" of the first environmental protection inspector group of the Central Committee, the chicken farm hidden in the busy market and smelly and smoked weather is finally moving away.

The polluted environment and false rectification of the chicken farm in the city

Henan provincial government interview on the night

"We have a chicken farm opposite the residential area. It smelled so bad that there were too many mosquitoes and flies. There was no way to open the windows in summer." Recently, residents reported the chicken farm of Dongfeng Road and Fengqing junction northeast corner of Zhengzhou Jinshui District.

In June 8th, the first environmental protection inspection team of the central government made an unannounced visit to the area, not only to smell the chicken manure, but also to hear the roar of chickens.

In June 11th, the official WeChat of the Ministry of ecological environment published the article "the local false rectification of the Zhengzhou Jinshui District of the Jinshui District of the city of Jinshui". The article disclosed that the central environmental supervision group had found that the chicken farm was the poultry germplasm resource field of Henan Agricultural University, and the chicken manure was stacked and smelling.

Meanwhile, the inspection team found that the chicken farm was a legacy problem. As early as in the first round of the central environmental supervision in 2016, the masses reported this problem. The inspector group confirmed that it was a false rectification and caused a bad effect in the society.

In the evening of June 11th, the provincial government made an interview on the Henan Agricultural University and the Zhengzhou municipal government. At the same time, the government made serious criticism and ordered it to be dealt with seriously.

For this interview, the officials in charge of the Henan Agricultural University and the Zhengzhou municipal government said: immediately grasp the rectification, completely eliminate the pollution factors, and resolutely eliminate the problems of false rectification, perfunctory rectification and surface rectification.


After the interview, the chicken farm that stinks and smoked for more than 30 years is finally moving away.

At 2:30 p.m. on June 12th, the Henan Commercial Daily reporter saw a truck parked at the gate of the poultry breeding farm in Henan Nongda.

A person in charge of the Institute of animal husbandry and veterinary engineering at the Henan Agricultural University, in June 11th, saw that the school immediately made a decision after the official WeChat of the Ministry of ecology and environment published "the local false rectification of the hiking City area of Zhengzhou Jinshui District, Jinshui District of Jinshui District," the school loaded the germplasm in the early morning of 12. The special transportation car of the resources is in place, after disinfection treatment, the first car has been loaded and set out at 9 a.m. and will be shipped to the temporary chicken farm in Xingyang.

"At noon, the temperature is high, the breed is precious, so the second cars will avoid the high temperature period, starting around 5 p.m., according to the arrangement, the chicken farm before 24 points in June 12th should be empty. After emptying the air, clean up the site quickly and do a good job in disinfection and disinfection. The person in charge said.

For the relocation of the "neighbors", many residents around do not know.

12 p.m. at 4 p.m., Henan commercial newspaper reporters came to Henan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital between the wall of the chicken farm and brought up the "neighbor" chicken farm. The staffs of the troubled hospital told the Henan newspaper reporter that the chicken farm had been stationed for more than 30 years. In recent years, as there are more and more residents around, as long as the wind is blowing in the south, the smell from the chicken farm is smoked, but the staff also said that the taste of the last few days has not been strong.


Why is there a chicken farm in Zhengzhou's downtown?

What is the use of the site after moving?

According to the relevant person in charge of Henan Agricultural University, the chicken farm is an important campus teaching and scientific research base of Henan Agricultural University. The former is the Henan Agricultural University breeding station. It was founded in 1981. It is the only poultry germplasm resource field in Henan province. The chicken germplasm resources with special characteristics at home and abroad are collected and preserved in 27 areas. There are more than 9000 previous columns.

"At the beginning of the establishment, the field was in the countryside of Beijiao in Zhengzhou (that is, the present site), at that time, the site was far from the urban residential area," the person in charge said, with the development of the social economy and the city, the surrounding environment of the resource field has changed, and some units have been built, such as the provincial hospital of traditional Chinese medicine.

What is the purpose of the site after the chicken farm is removed? The person in charge said that it was not clear for the time being.

Source: "Jinshui road observation" by WeChat.

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