A station tens of millions of user data leakage experts recommend modifying the same password platform password

A station tens of millions of user data leakage experts recommend modifying the same password platform password

News of the new Beijing News (reporter Wan Pei) in the evening of June 12th, the barrage community website Acfun ("A station") issued a bulletin, because of the hacker attack, nearly 10 million user data leakage, including user ID, nickname, encrypted stored password and other information. A station said that the root cause of the accident was that AcFun had not been sufficiently safe.

The A station said AcFun upgraded the user account system in July 7, 2017, and if there was a login after that, the account would automatically upgrade the use of a strong encryption algorithm, and the password was secure. However, if the user's password is too simple, it is also recommended to change the password.

A station, said that the user has issued a suggestion to modify the password reminding, in addition to the station bulletin, micro-blog, WeChat, SMS, QQ group, post bar, and other ways to remind users, at the same time we hope to inform each other. For an account that does not take the initiative to modify the password in time, it will be required to change the password when re accessing the password. At the same time, A station will do a comprehensive systematic reinforcement of AcFun services to achieve the upgrading of technology architecture and security system.

Tian Jiyun, a security expert, told a Chinese journalist that after the database was stolen, it was possible that the illegal elements would take the bank and steal the information of the users to make profit. After the personal information is sold, the data will become the data of black ash account registration, or become the target of various network promotion and marketing. It is also possible for illegal elements to use this information to dig and analyze users, and to steal more critical privacy information, such as paying accounts, identity information, cell phone numbers, and so on.

Tian Jiyun suggested that, in the face of data leaks, the users, in addition to modifying the password on the A station, replacing the secret mailbox, the security problem, and so on, should also modify the other information on the other platforms that use the same password and the same nickname account. In addition, it is recommended to change the password regularly, and the password and account number of different platforms should be kept separate.

It is reported that there have been many downtime phenomena at A station. In August 4, 2016, the A station could not be accessed by the "operator line failure"; in November 24, 2017, the A station server had no access to the station, and its official micro-blog called "an indescriptive physical cause." In February 2, 2018, the site of the A station was again unable to be accessed. Previously, there were media reports that the A station's server was due to expire on January 31st, and the risk of closing was faced if it failed to renew its fee.

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