North Korean officials have informed Beijing of the DPRK us meeting? Ministry of foreign affairs response

North Korean officials have informed Beijing of the DPRK us meeting? Ministry of foreign affairs response

Original title: North Korean officials stop Beijing briefing? Ministry of Foreign Affairs: no information is available

[Global Times - global network reporter Zhang Xin] the supreme leader of the United States and the United States held a historic meeting in Singapore on the 12 day. The two sides signed a joint statement to make commitments on the relations between the north and the United States, the peace mechanism of the Korean Peninsula and the denuclearization of the peninsula. After the end of the talks, the North Korean side will inform China about the talks and the two Chinese planes leased by the DPRK. It is reported that on the night of 12, one of the two national aviation special flights from Singapore to Beijing, the other from Singapore to Pyongyang, the 13 morning, the two special planes have returned to Beijing. The Korean United News Agency said that the high officials of the DPRK are not known to take the Chinese special flight. In view of the fact that US Secretary of state Pompeio will visit China in 14, the high officials of the DPRK may take the Chinese special plane to go to Beijing and introduce the results of the "Jin t meeting" to the Chinese side.

At a regular press conference on the 13 day of the Ministry of foreign affairs, a reporter asked the DPRK to inform the Chinese side of the situation. "The Chinese side has maintained close communication with the relevant parties including the DPRK and the United States on the Peninsula issue," said spokesman Geng Shuang.

"There has been a positive momentum in the current situation on the peninsula, and China is willing to seize the present opportunity with the parties concerned, to further strengthen communication and jointly promote the process of the denuclearization and political settlement of the peninsula," Geng stressed.

Reporters asked whether North Korean officials had informed Beijing of their meeting on the way back to Pyongyang. Geng Shuang said there was no information available at present.

According to the information of flight information inquiry website Flightradar24, China Airlines flight CA63 took off from Singapore Airport in Singapore at 11:40 on the night of 12, and flew to Beijing Capital International Airport at 5:29 a.m. on the 13 morning. The destination of the aircraft was Pyongyang, and the destination information disappeared from the website near Beijing, and later landed at the capital airport. It is believed that the DPRK will return one of the two special planes on loan to the Chinese side, and the other special plane and the Kim Jeong-eun plane "the hawk one" carry Kim Jeong-eun and his accompanying personnel to Pyongyang.

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