The Chinese side grabbed Trump's hints that the US and South Korean military exercises would stop? Ministry of foreign affairs response

The Chinese side grabbed Trump's hints that the US and South Korean military exercises would stop? Ministry of foreign affairs response

Original title: China grabbed Trump before suggesting "US Korea military exercise will stop"? The foreign ministry spokesman laughed

Global Times - global network (Global Times - Global Network) reporter Zhang Xin]12 afternoon, President of the United States, Trump, held a meeting with the top leader of the Korean leader Kim Jeong-eun held a press conference, said the United States will cancel the United States and South Korea military performance. In the past few hours, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said at a regular press conference on the same day that the current political settlement process of the peninsula problem is moving along the direction of "double track and progress" proposed by the Chinese side. China seems to have scramble to release the news that the US and South Korean military exercises are about to stop before Trump. A reporter asked at the 13 regular press conference of the Ministry of foreign affairs whether China has received the notification from the DPRK ahead of schedule.

In this regard, the spokesman Geng smile said that the situation on the Korean Peninsula had changed before the meeting, and President Trump proposed to stop the US - Korea military exercise at the press conference to prove that China's initiative was really reasonable.

Geng Shuang said that we should all see that there have been some positive changes in the situation on the peninsula before the DPRK leaders met in Singapore. This is inextricably linked to the efforts of the parties concerned, including the DPRK and the United States and other parties including China.

"In this time you should see, in fact, the North Korean side stopped the nuclear test, and the United States and South Korea made certain self-discipline in the military performance. This is actually the realization of China's double pause initiative. " Said Geng.

"As for president Trump said at a press conference yesterday that he would stop the military performance of the United States and the South Korea, I can only say that it proves that the Chinese initiative is indeed reasonable, in line with the interests of all parties and to resolve the concerns of the parties. Facts have proved that China's claim on the Peninsula issue is tenable and will eventually get support from all sides. "

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