Australia to apply for a new rule no longer accept the TOEFL paper test results

Australia to apply for a new rule no longer accept the TOEFL paper test results

Original title: Australia to apply for a new rule no longer accept the TOEFL paper test results

China network of overseas Chinese June 13, according to the Australian new fast network quoted local media reports, recently, the Australian Department of internal affairs (Department of Home Affairs) said that the Australian student visa application will no longer accept the TOEFL paper test (TOEFL PBT) results.

International students are required to submit relevant English test results before obtaining a visa to study in Australia, so as to prove that they have reached the minimum proficiency requirement in English. The Ministry of Home Affairs recently announced the adjustment of the acceptance of English test results, and the TOEFL paper test results will not apply to the 500 category of student visa applicants since May 2018.

It is understood that since last October, the content of the TOEFL paper examination has been adjusted, and oral English has not been included in the examination. The Ministry of internal affairs believes that testing oral English skills is to ensure that applicants have the ability to communicate face-to-face effectively in Australia.

In view of the changes in the content of the examination, the Ministry of internal affairs recently excluded the TOEFL paper test from the scope of the English examination acceptable to the student visa. However, the Ministry of interior will still accept the TOEFL iBT results.

It is reported that the most popular English test item for student visa applicants is not TOEFL. "Now, most international students choose the PTE test, followed by IELTS," Shivi Bhalla, the manager of an English tutoring agency in Sydney, told SBS.

"I know that applying for a visa in Australia can be accepted. But for 5 years, no one has consulted (TOEFL).

It is understood that in addition to the TOEFL test, other English tests in Australia, including the IELTS, the advanced Cambridge English test (Cambridge English:Advanced), the PTE academic English test and the vocational English test, are not more than two years from the date of signing the exam.

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