The 6 year old girl was picked up by a strange man in the street and found on the flyover 10 days later.

The 6 year old girl was picked up by a strange man in the street and found on the flyover 10 days later.

Original title: the 6 year old girl was picked up by a strange man in the street and found on the flyover 10 days later.

At eight o'clock in the morning, Mr. Hu, who was doing business in Dongmen, Shenzhen, finally breathed a sigh of relief. The daughter, who had not seen her all night, found it. Just before 6 o'clock the night before, Mr. Hu's 6 year old daughter was taken away by a strange man at the east gate, and the family and police searched for a night.

Let her daughter play for two hours without coming home.

Mr. Hu has been doing business in Shenzhen Dongmen business circle for more than ten years, and his 6 year old daughter almost played in the east gate. More than four p.m. on June 12th, Mr. Hu will be reading his daughter from kindergarten. Then let the daughter have a person to play. "He grew up around the neighborhood. He often played nearby." Mr. Hu introduced it. About two hours later, the daughter still did not go home, so the Hu family rushed to look for it and then called the police.

Mr. Hu told reporters in Nandu that from the video surveillance, the daughter had been playing in the game hall near the shop. Later, in the street, a man with a flower coat in his upper body took his daughter away. "(video) my daughter looked reluctant. The man dragged him away, and my daughter cried as she walked along." Mr. Hu said. It is reported that through monitoring video, Hu family saw the flower coat man brought his daughter to a bus. Until 13 at 4 o'clock in the morning, video tracking is still continuing.

On the one hand, with the help of police force to find the daughter, on the other hand, the Mr. Hu family also published information in the circle of friends, hoping to find by launching a net friend. "After all, it has been doing business for more than ten years in Dongmen. There are many customers, and there are many people in the circle of friends."

From 12 to 13 daylight, Mr. Hu's family stayed up all night, and his daughter still had no news. "Where do you live in the evening?" Do you have dinner? Have you been beaten? " Mr. Hu's family is full of worries.

The good hearted man brought the little girl to the police station

Good news came around 8 in the morning in June 13th. Someone found a little girl in the flyover near Honggang building in Luohu District, dressed like Mr. Hu's daughter. Here, the man takes away the location of the little girl from the monitor, about 5 kilometers.

"A friend's friend found it, then called our phone." Mr. Hu told reporters in Nandu, however, when Mr. Hu's wife and children arrived at the target flyover, they did not find the child's figure.

"Two people with me and her mother quickly came to the flyover and saw the man squatting on the ground to sleep." The child said, the child was not on the side. She said frankly that she was somewhat nervous with her two sisters at that time. In order to prevent men from escaping, the two men stood on both sides of the men and called the alarm. At this point, the man was still unaware.

Soon, the police station called and said, "the child has found it."

It turned out that before Ms. Liu and her sister arrived at the Tianqiao, a good - hearted passerby Cao saw the little girl playing on the bridge alone and took her to the police room nearby.

On the morning of June 13th, Nandu reporters met Ms. Cao at the Qingshui River police station. Ms. Cao said that at about 8 o'clock in the morning, she sent her daughter to the kindergarten. After the Tianqiao, she saw a little girl on the bridge, and a man was sleeping. When she returned, the little girl was still there. "She looks dirty." Ms. Cao said that she was worried about the loss of the little girl and her family, so she went up to ask the girl some questions. "She can tell her name, her mother's name and the name of her kindergarten. Asked how a person, she said next to this uncle said to take her to find her mother, but did not look for. Ask her if she knows this uncle. She doesn't know. Later, Ms. Cao took the little girl to a nearby police room and bought her breakfast.

At present, the Luohu police have taken control of the man who took the little girl. The matter is under further investigation.

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