Do you want to be lenient with a suspected crime? Please hold on to these points

Do you want to be lenient with a suspected crime? Please hold on to these points

Original title: want to be lenient? Please hold on to these points!

In order to encourage the investigators to change themselves after the crime, and to actively cooperate with the investigation work of the supervisory organs and strive for leniency, the supervisory organs can put forward a lenient punishment proposal to the investigator suspected of duty crimes. Then, under what circumstances can we propose a lenient punishment proposal for the investigated persons?

The thirty-first article of the supervision law stipulates that the investigator who is suspected of a crime of duty voluntarily confess and punish one of the following cases, the supervisory organ, through the collective research of the leading personnel and the approval of the first level supervisory organ, may put forward the proposal of leniency when the procuratorate is transferred to the people's Procuratorate.

(1) surrender voluntarily, and sincerely repent and repent.

(two) actively cooperate with the investigation work, truthfully confess the illegal activities committed by the supervisory authority.

(three) actively withdraw stolen goods and reduce losses;

(four) a major meritorious performance or a case involving major interests of the state.

These regulations fully reflect the spirit of "post punishment and cure the disease and save the people". At the same time, it also provides the favorable conditions for the supervision organs to smooth out the cases, save the manpower and material resources and improve the efficiency of the anti-corruption work.

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