Female nurses hate their ex husband to cheat money and commit suicide to the current 25 million remaining debt.

Female nurses hate their ex husband to cheat money and commit suicide to the current 25 million remaining debt.

Original title: beautiful nurses commit suicide to hate their ex husband but leave huge debts to the present.

What did the nurse leave to the incumbent after the suicide? It's not a jewelry property, but a huge debt of up to 25 million yuan. What on earth is this?

The peach blossoms are coming

A hairdresser meets a female nurse

Ling Zhiyong, born in 1987, is a member of Taishan in Jiangmen, Guangdong province. After graduating from junior high school, he followed his relatives to do mahogany furniture business in the city of Taishan. Because the young man was honest and reliable, he later opened his own business independently and his business was relatively stable.

In May 2013, when Ling Zhiyong was barber at a barber shop, he met Jiang Xiaoli, a young and beautiful nurse of Xinhui Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine.

That day, Jiang Xiaoli made a $368 nursing, generous and generous.

After in-depth exchanges, Jiang Xiaoli revealed that although she was a nurse, she was not short of money. My father was a leader of a certain unit in Taishan. But because of his bad temper and killing his mother, Jiang and his father broke up with each other. Maybe dad was guilty. Not only did she often give her pocket money, but she also sent her a villa and several luxury cars.

Jiang Xiaoli also took Ling Zhiyong to a villa and stopped two luxury cars on the first floor. Jiang Xiaoli said, "my father sent me."

Ling Zhiyong believed in Jiang Xiaoli's words, and the two began further contacts.

In August of this year, Jiang Xiaoli was pregnant, but she refused to ask Ling to marry him. After repeated questioning, Jiang Xiaoli said, "Dad introduced me to an object before, and he received a lot of money from the other side. If I don't, how much will it be?"

Just as Ling Zhiyong is in a fog, Jiang Xiaoli moves: if not, my cousin's identity card is here, she is immigrant, I use her ID card to register you to marry. Will not affect our lives, but also to save dad's boyfriend's family to find trouble.

In January 2014, Ling Zhiyong and Jiang Xiaoli holding "cousin" ID card handled the marriage registration.

A lot of doubt.

"Sitting on the moon" is also doing business

Not long before the certificate, Ling Zhiyong felt wrong: the Taishan people value the wedding scene, pay attention to the etiquette, but at the wedding, as a local person, Jiang Xiaoli's relatives and friends do not participate; after marriage, Jiang Xiaoli took a 2 year old girl with her, she explained that this is the cousin's daughter, cousin has divorced out There is no child in the country.

After marriage, Jiang Xiaoli did not go to the hospital. She often telephoned in a small room upstairs, contacted people in the South and the north, and talked about some transactions. Ling Zhiyong asked his wife. Jiang Xiaoli said he was doing the medicine business. Ask more questions. Jiang Xiaoli raised his voice and blamed Ling Zhiyong: "I am so busy every day. Do you still doubt me?" Isn't it like a man?

3 months later, the birth of his son dispelled Ling Zhiyong's misgivings. However, during the confinement period, Jiang Xiaoli still has to make many calls every day, and no one else is in the room when he calls. Later, Jiang Xiaoli told Ling: she recently used her father's relationship to make a medicinal material business, which needs a lot of money and borrows money everywhere. Jiang Xiaoli boasted that the recent herbal medicine business was a great profit. Ling Zhiyong borrowed about 2000000 of his friends, plus the money he had accumulated for years of mahogany, about 4000000 yuan to his wife, and a family and friends to make a money for his wife.

When Ling Zhiyong borrowed money, he agreed to the date of the repayment. At the time of repayment, the wife placed the money on the account, but at most one to two days, she turned the money away. She explained: the investment is big and the capital flow is tight.

Since then, Jiang Xiaoli is going to Macao in three different ways. In August 2015, Ling Zhiyong called Jiang Xiaoli and found out that she had gone to Macao again to say that she had won a lot of money.

The brain is big

Suicide left 25 million debts

In August 30, 2015, Jiang Xiaoli suddenly committed suicide in a hotel in Zhuhai, Guangdong. Two suicide notes were found at the scene, one for former husband and one for Ling Zhiyong.

To the ex husband's suicide note, Jiang Xiaoli wrote: I hate you, I marry you, but you said I was greedy for money to marry you...... Do you know how miserable I am when I leave your house? No work, no place to live, and a daughter, I have no way, had to be a nurse, but the monthly salary of only 1000 yuan, not enough I have a daughter, only to cheat money. I don't want to be despised by you. I have more money than you. I came to this step today, you hurt me...

In the books written to Ling Zhiyong, Jiang Xiaoli is full of guilt: husband, can't resist, marry you, I hurt you, your love for me, let me feel that I am the happiest person in the world...

Finding Jiang Xiaoli's brother, Ling Zhi Yong knew that Jiang Xiaoli's mother was still alive, and her father was an ordinary farmer. Jiang Xiaoli was married. The daughter she brought with her was born with her ex husband. Her ex husband was rich but mean. The two men quarreled very often, and Jiang Xiaoli was swept out of the house. She always wanted to be more competitive than her ex husband, and to live in debt.

The medical and nursing staff of the Jiangmen Xinhui traditional Chinese medicine hospital told Ling Zhiyong that Jiang Xiaoli had not long been a nurse, saying that his father was the leader of the health department. She borrowed money as a medicine business, and borrowed ten thousand yuan a year for more than 20 thousand yuan. At first, people did not believe it. Later, someone tried to lend it to her. After a week, she wanted to return the principal. She immediately gave it to everyone, and quickly raised millions of dollars.

At this time, uncle Jiang Xiaoli, who had never met before, found Ling, took out the loan credentials of Jiang's fingerprints, and asked for loans from lingsu. It turned out that the uncle who had done the decoration project hurt her niece, and had a little request from her, heard that Jiang Xiaoli borrowed money to do business, Yuan Ping borrowed about 7000000, and found a friend about 8000000 to her.

They did not know that Jiang Xiaoli lived in luxury houses and luxury cars.

Since then, more than 20 creditors have been looking for Ling Zhiyong to repay their debts.

The court intervened and found that Jiang Xiaoli borrowed more than 25 million yuan before and after, and most of the money flowed into underground banks. Jiang's younger brother analyzed that his elder sister estimated that he would borrow large sums of money at high interest and invest in underground banks to earn interest. But this is just speculation, because when the police investigated Jiang Xiaoli's death, all the information in her cell phone was deleted, and what she did with a huge amount of money has become a mystery.

After the court hearing, Yuan Ping and Ling Zhiyong acknowledged that, when Jiang Xiaoli proposed to borrow and collect the loan, lingzhi Yong had not been present, Yuan Ping did not know Ling Zhiyong before, and both sides had never seen each other. Yuan Ping's huge loan is true, although most of the loan is also into the Lingzhi Yong bank card, but can not be found that the loan is Jiang Xiao Li and Ling Zhiyong's joint debt, Ling Zhiyong himself borrowed a huge amount of money can not be recovered, Yuan Ping also failed to prove that Lingzhi Yong participation in borrowing or borrowing from the benefits, therefore, Jiang Xiaoli arrears his uncle. Uncle Yuan Ping's arrears are personal debts, and Ling Zhiyong has no obligation to pay.

Yuan Ping refused to accept the case and appealed to the Jiangmen intermediate people's court. In August last year, the court upheld the original judgment. (the litigant in the text is the name of the chemical)

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