The United States and the United States must pay a large sum of money for the United States.

The United States and the United States must pay a large sum of money for the United States.

The fourth article in the joint statement of the United States and the United States in the United States and the United States, which is an important result of the talks, put forward "efforts to find the remains of prisoners of war and the missing persons". Why is the search for the missing people so important to the US government? How many military disappearances are there in the United States? How much time and cost does it take to find Korean War missing persons? Today we are going to help you understand the answers to these questions through open materials.

1, the US Army is missing 7674 people on the Korean Peninsula

According to the United States Department of defense statistics in May 27, 2016, during the Korean War, the United States military disappearances were as high as 7674, including 4817 missing from the battlefield, 2849 missing and 8 other missing persons.

Not only is the number accurate, but the Department of defense has a special "missing / captured personnel office" DPAA announces the details of everyone, accurate to everyone: name, military, military number, army, native place, and the basic situation when missing (such as what transportation is riding? " Or hiking, etc., speculate on possible state (death / missing / captured), confirm the time of disappearance, and find the remains.

2, live to see people, die to see corpses, or continue to pay wages.

Why US forces are so careful, because four:

First, the United States Government Information Disclosure Act, after all, a human life.

Second, according to the US American pension system, if the missing person is believed to die, there will be a large sum of money, which is now close to 3 million RMB. Without the confirmation of death, the missing person's wages are taken care of for a long time, and the family members enjoy all the welfare of the soldiers' families until they find a living person or confirm the death (found). The remains, however, are a lot of expenses and must be made clear.

The third is the account of the families of the missing persons, although the military is a number, but for the family, but for the father, husband, son, brother, involved in a family's grief, can go to the government for decades, and the missing person behind the number of dozens of votes, thousands of people will be considerable!

The four is the respect of the entire American Society for servicemen and the importance of prisoners of war and missing persons. In addition to the Ministry of defense, many public places in the United States, such as restaurants and stadiums, have "missing / missing seats", express "we never forget" through various ways, and remind the whole society to care for the captive / missing persons and their families.

3, the first thing to do after improving the relationship is to find the remains.

Since the US Army has been fighting abroad for many years, there are many missing overseas soldiers. Therefore, the first batch of intergovernmental negotiations must include "the search for the remains of the missing person" after the moderation of the relations with the hostile countries according to the DPAA guidelines of the Ministry of defense.

After the easing of the relations between the United States and the United States in 2005, it started a while, and the organization unearthed more than 30 times to find more than 200 US remains, and the United States paid 30 million US dollars to the DPRK, but then with the nuclear test, the relationship between the two sides deteriorated.

Similar to the normalization of the US Vietnam relations in 1988, this has also started. Up to now, the DPAA team of the United States has been undertaking excavation work in Vietnam every year.

4, huge department, Holmes + Tomb Raider

Follow up if the search in northern Peninsular starts, DPAA will intervene. It has more than 500 employees, divided into the intelligence analysis team, the special investigation team and the field excavation team of three groups. The whole work pattern is similar to the Holmes exploration and the ancient tomb raider. The annual expenditure exceeds US $100 million. In 2016, 27 survey teams and 57 excavating teams were sent to 19 countries.

Once found, the identity will be confirmed through various means such as DNA, and then the remains will be shipped back to the country to inform their families of the standard military honor.

5, in China has also been looking for, China's military archives experts tired of being killed.

China is also the key area for DPAA to search for missing persons. The World War II "Flying Tigers" and hump routes, the Korean War and the cold war "flying thief" were added during the Korean War, and more than 500 of the missing us personnel in China.

During the APEC meeting in Manila in 1996, Chinese and US leaders reached a search agreement for the remains.

In 1999, the United States Department of defense and the Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs worked together to find clues through archival enquiries, visits to Chinese veterans, and field investigations.

In 2008, the two sides signed the Sino US military archives cooperation agreement further, and the strict PLA archives accepted the request of the US Army. According to the US side, the Chinese side was responsible for retrieving the relevant archives and provided the US side every six months in the form of reports, and the US side paid 150 thousand US dollars a year for this.

Even Liu Yiquan, an old expert in the archives of the Liberation Army, insisted on the first line of cooperation between China and the United States in the last time of cancer. In 8 months, 362 volumes, more than 5000 pieces, and more than 40 thousand pages had been highly praised by the US. The people's daily and the Liberation Army reported his deeds.

6. The return of the remains of the volunteer martyrs also benefits

In fact, in recent years, the Korean government handed over the remains of the martyrs of the volunteers, which is also related to the search for the remains of the Americans on the peninsula. The introduction is that the United States has been urging South Korea to explore battlefield sites and unknown military cemeteries in its own territory, and to identify the remains of European American characteristics to the US side. At the same time, a lot of the remains of the Asians were discovered naturally, so the Korean side carried out the screening to bury the Han Army himself, and the remains of the people's army and the volunteer martyrs were buried in the so-called "enemy cemetery" in Gyeongbuk. Since 2014, it has been excavated from the "enemy cemetery" and has been handed over to China every year before and after the Ching Ming Festival.

However, the more than 7000 people missing in the peninsula, both in South Korea and China, are small heads, or in North Korea in the north of the peninsula, with an average of 80 per year on the DPAA, each with a cost of $150 thousand, which will be a huge project that costs 1 billion dollars for 80 years.

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