South Korea hints or suspends the US military talks that it is necessary to promote nuclear denuclearization negotiations.

South Korea hints or suspends the US military talks that it is necessary to promote nuclear denuclearization negotiations.

Original title: Media: South Korea hints or suspends military exercises with the United States, saying it is necessary to promote negotiations on denuclearization

President Trump's remarks about ending the ROK and US joint military exercises aroused concern in South Korea. The South Korean government responded on the 13 day.

The Korean government reported on the 13 day that the Korean government suggested that it could stop the military performance of the United States and South Korea on the same day, saying that it may be necessary for Korea to suspend a joint military exercise with the United States for the negotiations on the denuclearization of the North Korea.

On the 13 day of a regular press conference, Chong Wa Dae spokesman Kim Yi Qian said, first of all, it is necessary to verify the intention of President Trump's remarks. During the dialogue between the north and the United States on the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and the construction of bilateral relations, it is necessary to study a variety of programs to promote the progress of the dialogue.

In addition, Kim released a message that the president in Yin will hold the national security meeting (NSC) plenary meeting at 4 p.m. 14 p.m. to evaluate the results of the DPRK summit and how to implement the follow-up measures of the DPRK agreement.

On the 12 day, Trump held talks with the supreme leader of the DPRK, Kim Jeong-eun, in Singapore. According to the Xinhua news agency, before flying away from Singapore, Trump held a press conference, introducing a meeting with Kim Jeong-eun, saying he would call a United States and Korea joint military exercise. "Military exercises are very expensive..." I think it's very provocative... Next is another country.

The report said that since the 1953 armistice on the Korean Peninsula, the United States and the ROK held a large-scale joint military exercise each year, including the "key decision" of the spring, the "vulture" exercise and the "free guard of B" in August and September. North Korea regards this kind of military exercise as a threat and intimidation and has been urging the US and South Korea to stop. Trump also said he wanted to see the withdrawal of US troops in South Korea, but that is not the topic of the process.

However, the Xinhua news agency said in a report that shortly after Trump introduced the meeting to media reporters, the 12 day in a statement said the army did not receive the latest instructions on the execution or interruption of military exercises, including the "free guard of B" in August. The US forces also said they had not received any instructions about the size of the garrison.

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