The Taoist priest and the elder sister were married and had children.

The Taoist priest and the elder sister were married and had children.

Original title: Quan Zhen Taoist priest and his sister were born to be reported to the Taoist Association: violation of the rule of law

(Beijing time reporter Yang Anping reported) a few days ago, the netizen aeration, Taoism all true Longmen school two disciples - Ceng Yuanhui, President of the Taoist Association of Yueyang County, Yueyang city of Hunan Province, married Kolo Koli, the residence of the Daojun hall, Dabu mountain. In June 13th, Koli responded to a reporter that the two married children belonged to the personal belief problem and "the couple had double repair". The Hunan Taoist Association and the president of the Chinese Taoist Association said that two of them violated the rules and had been treated with the Local Religious Bureau, but the Yueyang county religious Bureau said it was a matter of Taoism, The Religious Bureau doesn't care.

Recently, the president of the Taoist Association of the Yueyang County of Yueyang, Hunan Province, has been married for many years with Kko Koli, a resident of the dayunshan hall in dayunshan, the county of dayunshan, and a public report of a son who has graduated from junior high school has been circulated on the Internet.

The net friend reported that Zeng Hui (common name Ceng Qingmei) was born in October 1964, was a person in Gongan County of Hubei province. In 1992, it was introduced to dayunshan, Yueyang City, Hunan Province, to be a teacher named Liu Yongming, the Taoist School of Taoism, in December 1996 in Qingchengshan, Sichuan, and the end of 1999, Yueyang. A 30 year old young man came to the hall of the emperor in the great Yunshan hall. After Ceng Yuanhui's introduction, the man named Ke Yuan Li was also under Liu Yongming's door.

The net friend said that since 1998, Zeng Hui has served as the legal representative of the palace hall in dunyunshan. After that, he had a relationship with koji, and in April 2003, he had been pregnant in the training class of Heng Mountain Kun Dao. It had no choice but to quit school in the second half of the year. Later, Ke Yuan Li replaced Zeng Yuan Hui as the abbot of the emperor's hall. "The relevant departments of Yueyang county also handled the marriage certificate and the quasi birth certificate for them. They bought a house in the danyunshan forest farm. So Madokamegumi has been taking the children to study with the children. Now his son is 15 years old to graduate."

The netizen said that in 2014, the Taoist Association was founded in Yueyang, and he was elected president.

In the afternoon of June 13th, the Beijing time reporter telephoned the Kolo to prove it. He did not say that the Longmen Taoist priest was married to her sister, but that the law did not stipulate that the Taoist priest could not marry. "This is a personal belief problem" and "the husband's wife has double repair". In his opinion, the key to the practice of the Taoist priest is to repair the heart. As for the rules and regulations, he can not eat vegetarian, can't marry and so on. In his opinion, he can be adjusted according to his personal needs.

Kazu Ri said that he was a Daojun Temple abbot of dayunshan, who had been certified by the Taoist Association and recorded by the Religious Bureau, and was married with Zeng Hui. He also handled a marriage certificate and a birth certificate in his home. The relevant procedures prescribed by the law are all lawful and compliant. As for someone reporting, it is a false accusation because of violating laws and discipline and being evicted from the Taoist temple.

The president of the road Association said that its violation of the Religious Bureau said it was impossible to manage.

In the afternoon of June 13th, the Beijing time reporter telephoned the Religious Bureau of Hunan Province, the Taoist Association of the Hunan province and the Chinese Taoist Association to prove that he was not in violation of the rules of teaching as a genuine Longmen Taoist and the sister of the teacher.

The director of religious affairs of the Hunan Provincial Committee for ethnic and religious affairs responded that the Religious Bureau was responsible for the administration of religions only on matters involving national interests and social and public interests. As to whether the genuine Longmen Taoist priest was able to marry and be born, it was an internal rule of Taoism and should be interpreted by the Chinese Taoist Association for authoritative interpretation. Read.

Huang Zhian, President of the Hunan Taoist Association, said that marriage is indeed the right of the constitution to the citizens, but the genuine Longmen disciples are not allowed to marry. The married Taoists are more inappropriate to serve as the president of the Taoist Association. Huang Zhi an explained that the relationship between the Hunan Taoist Association and the Yueyang Taoist Association and the Taoist Association of Yueyang county is the relationship between the business guidance, and not the management relationship. It is not right to deal with the matter directly. It can only be suggested to the relevant departments to investigate and deal with it.

Li Guangfu, President of the Chinese Taoist Association, said that, according to the rules, the disciples of the whole genuine dragon faction were unable to marry, but they did not exclude the situation of becoming a genuine Longmen Taoist after the first marriage and birth of the son. When the reporter pointed out that Ke Yuan Li and Zeng Yuan Hui were the first to marry and have children when they first became married, Li Guangfu made it clear that this situation was not permitted by the two rules.

Later, the reporter also telephoned the Yueyang County National Religious Affairs Bureau, Ren Yuanzhong, the director of the Bureau, said that the Religious Bureau was only concerned with whether religious people love the party and abide by the law, and whether they can marry is the internal affairs of Taoism.

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