Foreign media said the French amphibious assault ship cruising the South China Sea will also hold military exercises.

Foreign media said the French amphibious assault ship cruising the South China Sea will also hold military exercises.

France is increasing its military presence in the India ocean - Pacific region, including sending warships across the South China Sea and planning air exercises, the media said recently. Public opinion points out that the French approach is intended to help combat China's military buildup in the "disputed waters".

French small abacus: brushing the existence and selling of weapons

Early in the early May of this year, when Mucklow, the French president, visited Australia, he proposed to cooperate with the Australian side to establish a new strategic "axis" in the India Pacific region. At the end of May, the French amphibious assault ship "Dix Meade" and a frigate approached the South China Sea Islands. In August this year, the French air force will hold an exercise in Southeast Asia. At that time, three gust fighters, a A400M military transport aircraft and an oil tanker will fly to India from Australia and stay there for several times.

A400M military transport aircraft (Wikipedia)

Through a series of actions, it is easy to see that mark long has decided to brush his presence in India. But what interests drive the French to go all the way?

Zhang Bei, an assistant researcher at the European Institute of the China Institute of international studies, told a reporter on a reference news network that there were still a number of small colonized islands in the Indo - Tai region, which had been proud of existence in the region.

Photo: May 1st, French President Ma Long arrived in Australia for a 3 day visit.

Zhang Bei said that France's high profile has two major considerations in its input into the Indian Pacific region.

The first is to restore France's status as a great power. After he came to power, mark went on to attack in the field of global diplomacy and European integration, aiming to highlight France's sense of international presence. India, a region which is highly hyped up by the western countries and some countries in the region, is naturally an excellent stage for France to exert its influence.


On the second side, France is going to calculate the economic account. France, under the banner of "maintaining regional order", wants to profit from it. France is an important exporter of weapons in the world, and hopes to sell more weapons through India's east wind.

According to Agence France-Presse, India agreed to buy 36 gust fighters in 2016. Australia also signed a $37 billion agreement to buy 12 submarines from France.

India's gust fighter (Wikipedia)

China should have a clear understanding of the dual character of European countries.

Not only is France interested in the layout of India, but the United Kingdom has been eager in the region in recent years. As early as last year, Britain and Japan in the "2+2 talks" mentioned that this year the newly built British aircraft carrier will sail to the Asia Pacific region and carry out joint training with the self-defense force.

Zhang Bei said that from now on, France and Britain are only willing to join, but it is difficult to make much impact on the situation in the Indian Pacific region.

Zhang Bei believes that France and the UK are purely motivated by their own motives, and they want to occupy a moral commanding point to maintain stability and security in the region, but in fact serve their own diplomacy and interests. Britain is the most typical. Because of the mess in Europe, we want to find a sense of presence in the world by cruising the South China Sea. The British and French are doomed to balance the region, do not want to offend the United States, and do not want to infuriate China as an important economic partner.

Teresa maiden is the queen Elizabeth. (Orient IC)

Zhang Bei said China should have a clear understanding of the dual nature of some European countries: the place for cooperation should continue to cooperate with Europe, and where the principles are to be resolutely fought. At the same time, the clarification and harm to it - China is not a stir, but the maintainer of the regional order; in Europe, it can only aggravate the tension, which will greatly threaten the stability and development of the region in the background of the return of "real politics" to "zero and thought" in the United States.

Even Australia, the most important partner of India's future layout, is not optimistic about the prospect of France and Britain in India. Australian experts believe that Australia welcomes the "shift to India" announced by France, but the Indian region is on the edge of the French geo strategic interests, so France does not change the existing rules of the game in India.

The G7 summit just ended, the split in the West has been enlarged again. Today, Europe faces great challenges. It has been betrayed by the allies of the United States and has been struggling to cope with many internal problems: Britain's disengagement from Europe, populism, debt crisis and refugees.

It is pointed out that there are too many problems left to the European leaders now, and at this time some European countries are still talking about the layout of the India and Taiyuan, which is far away from home. It is unwise and unwise.

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