College student village officials were added to more than 120 jobs WeChat group and some filming horses.

College student village officials were added to more than 120 jobs WeChat group and some filming horses.

Original title: grassroots cadres "plus" more than 120 work WeChat group! Some are "pat horses" "show work group"

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Nowadays, WeChat group has become a part of grass-roots cadres' work every day. Recently, "half moon" has published "grass-roots cadres: WeChat work group" in the "shape and taste", vigilant on the formalism on the fingertips, the article quotes the words of Cheng Liangsheng, Secretary of the Xianning Commission for the discipline of Hubei: part of the WeChat work group "shape and taste", breeding and promoting bureaucracism, formalism, become grass-roots work The alternative "burden" and burden of personnel become a new invisible "four winds".

The following is the content of the article:

The WeChat work group is like a moment in a meeting

The party and government departments in some places have issued internal regulations to prohibit the use of WeChat office, and some party and government departments even prohibit leading cadres to form or join the WeChat group. But the reporter learned that the WeChat group still with its convenient, interactive, paperless and other unique advantages, for the current number of cadres of the party and government organs of favor, in the work is widely used.

A cadre in the communications administration of a province in the East said that his office had a WeChat group of 40 to 50 people, and the task arrangement in the unit was basically assigned by the group.

A village branch told a reporter that he added 10 WeChat work groups, including water conservancy groups, Party branch secretaries, three defense groups, civil affairs groups and so on. One of the major tasks is to see the chat records of the WeChat group every day.

A student village official in a county in Central China has been added more than 120 WeChat working groups. He told reporters that the work in the village is basically through WeChat group communication, but the amount of information is large, and updates are fast. Every time you open your cell phone, you should browse the news of each group, for fear that you will miss important information and delay your work.

"WeChat work group is like a meeting right now." A tax official in a certain city of Southern China admitted that there were hundreds of messages in a few minutes.

Working WeChat group is susceptible to three diseases.

WeChat work group was originally designed to facilitate the work and improve work efficiency, but some grass-roots cadres said that the WeChat work group is easy to induce work and not be pragmatic. Some people in WeChat group frequently relay the work photos and news reports of leaders in the group, but never talk about them or make suggestions.

In a province in the central province, a township cadre told reporters that in the part of the WeChat work group she added, some people kept a variety of "work photos", pretending to take photos of the lower level and working overtime to the group for the leadership of the group.

"WeChat group office is not necessarily seeing is believing." A village branch said, "some work, should have been on the spot, but the superior asked the village and town to take photos to the group, so even if it was checked, it did not really go to the village to understand the situation." It

Illness two: "pat horse" "Rose Body"

Part of the WeChat work group has become a beautiful and loyal show to the leadership. It appears to send a variety of "flowers" and "worship" expression, in order to win the leadership happy. When others saw it, they also followed the wind and said, "leadership hard" and "leadership skills" and so on. WeChat group became "filming horses".

A state-owned employee said that in the work group of their department, several female employees' speeches were known as "Rose Body". As long as the leaders of the Department speak in the group, no matter whether they are arranging or evaluating the work, they are all rushing to release the expression of "Rose".

Disease three: Micro corruption

Grassroots cadres worry that WeChat's working group may breed corruption problems. In recent years, some of the cadres who openly exposed red packets in the WeChat work group have been a kind of micro corruption and difficult to supervise.

"No fear of leadership and principles, no fear of leadership without love." Some leaders intentionally or unintentionally show their interests in their circle of friends, the WeChat group, calligraphy and painting, antique collection, tobacco and wine tea, "implicative" to remind subordinates or people.

Curb bureaucracy and formalism on fingertips

Cheng Liangsheng, the Standing Committee of the Xianning Municipal Committee of Hubei, the Secretary of the Commission for the discipline of discipline and the director of the supervision committee, said that part of the WeChat work group is "walking and changing taste", which has bred and promoted bureaucratism and formalism, and became an alternative "burden" and burden to the grass-roots workers, and became a new invisible "four wind".

Grass-roots cadres suggest that the WeChat work group should have a clear orientation, the leadership should be the best only to work related to the work, if not related to the work, only the leadership of personal hobbies, can not send it as far as possible.

Zhuang Deshui, deputy director of the research center of the construction of clean government at Peking University, believes that the party and government organs should listen to the opinions of the staff at the grass-roots level, introduce the rules and regulations, and find the greatest common divisor of the rules of the WeChat work group.


The Jiefang Daily also pointed out that

Grass-roots cadres are "kidnapped" by the WeChat work group

At that time, it was mentioned in the article that a grass-roots cadre described in WeChat as the "WeChat working group slave" state: the WeChat work group in many departments must report and report the relevant materials every day; his "vice bag" (i.e., the assistant of the Bao Village), each time to go out to take five workers as mobile phones, which is different from the various departments. The working system should be completed, and all mobile phones should be turned on for 24 hours.

Cadres said: "now to go to the countryside, the first thing to go to the village, not to the village committee layout work, but first to the poor family to hang a shadow, and then find a cell phone signal, looking for GPS signal, because the mobile phone to support the poor APP sign, upload help logs and photos. This is called job retention.

... ...

At the end of the article, the article holds that:

In the past, all kinds of forms were flying all over the sky. Now they are all kinds of work groups. The form has changed, but the essence of formalism has not changed. In the name of modern office, formalism is still in the new bottle or old ones.

It is hoped that the superior departments should "take one more ground gas and less routines", and do not let cadres "from the public servants of the people" to 'mobile phone servants'' "WeChat working group slaves". " This is probably the common voice of the grass-roots cadres.

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