Guangzhou rainstorm boys die in the street official: traffic facilities power leakage

Guangzhou rainstorm boys die in the street official: traffic facilities power leakage

Original title: Guangzhou Baiyun District Emergency Office: traffic power supply panels, water leakage, resulting in the death of a man

In from June 7th to 9th, typhoon "Ai Yun Ni" brought heavy rain. The heavy rainstorm in the area was heavy rain, which caused serious water immersion in many regions and roads. The traffic was blocked and the masses were trapped. Our district has launched an emergency plan in an all-out way to do a good job in dealing with rainstorm disaster prevention.

In June 8th, at 17 hours, a vocational school student of a traffic and transportation vocational school often had an electric shock when he walked from the south to north to the virescence belt under the viaduct. After receiving the report, my district quickly organized medical, local street, public security, power supply and other departments to rescue, cut off the nearby power supply, and do a good job of dredging and shielding. The man was killed and unfortunate after multiple salvage.

The staff of the Sanyuanli street and the police station immediately got in touch with their families, expressed their sympathy to their families, expressed their grief for the death of the dead, and helped to deal with the aftermath of the aftermath. At the same time, our district instructed the public utilities and utilities departments and line management departments to conduct thorough investigation and eliminate hidden dangers. Public security and other departments have formed a working group to conduct a comprehensive investigation of the incident and find out the cause.

According to the investigation, a traffic facility equipment box was fixed on the 16 centimeter platform of the ground. Because of the continuous heavy rain, the water level rose rapidly in the day, resulting in the leakage of the 220V power supply plate in the box, which led to the death of the man. Through the nuclear, the responsible unit for the management of the road traffic facilities is the Golden Tax Information Technology Service (Limited by Share Ltd). At present, the company is working with the police to investigate and dispose of the aftermath.

Source: Guangzhou Baiyun District Government Emergency Management Office official micro-blog

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Affected by heavy rains, many people in Guangdong are suspicious of death due to electric shock.

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