What do you do if you don't work hard? 57 units or individuals in this city have won the snail prize.

What do you do if you don't work hard? 57 units or individuals in this city have won the snail prize.

Original title: what do you do if you do not work hard? "Snail prize"

Can the units and leaders who work hard win the prize? According to the report of the people's daily 13, the "snail prize" was set up in Taizhou, Jiangsu province. In the past two years, Taizhou has issued a "snail Award" to 57 units or individuals. The "snail" is not only "lost face", but it is more likely to "lose the seat". "Political affairs" (WeChat ID:xjbzse) noted that the "snail Award" set up in Taizhou began in 2016 and was initiated by Lan Shaomin, Secretary of the Taizhou Municipal Committee.

In January, the municipal government of the Taizhou Municipal Committee decided that the municipal efficiency office would set up a "snail prize" to send those who would not be able to push the key projects, to fulfill the administrative functions and to solve the problems of the masses. At that time, Lan Shaomin of the main government of Taizhou introduced that "snail prize" was not a year and one, but in accordance with the principle of task project, project goal, goal node and node responsibility, each node and every event should be seized, and every link of performance assessment tracking should be carried out. Which links are responsible, which links will be out of the question and which links will be awarded. For the snail prize, Lan Shaomin said, "not the city construction, not the city construction, is a major government investment project, including urban construction, including the government's service in the process of major projects, including the voices of the masses, call our government hotline, write to us." "This award is not so easy to get back." He also commented that those who receive the award must have a follow-up visit and supervise the rectification. Anyone who fails to make improvements and changes little will be determined to make adjustments. "Resolutely change people, all levels of change. Instead of simply changing the Secretary, we should take responsibility. "Political affairs" (WeChat ID:xjbzse) noted that, after that, Taizhou has also specially promulgated the "effectiveness construction" snail Award "Provisional Measures", by the municipal discipline committee, municipal committee, municipal government, municipal organization department and other departments to form the "snail prize" identification group, to the city public collection of questions. In April 6, 2016, the first batch of snail awards in Taizhou came out, and the party representatives, people's congresses, CPPCC members, business representatives and grass-roots representatives were invited to select 11 items and 12 departments (units). At the end of May, when the second batch of snail Awards was announced at the end of the year, two cadres were awarded the prize in addition to 8 units.

Later, in October 2016 and March 2017, Taizhou announced third and fourth batches of snail awards, respectively, with 12 and 9 departments on the list. In February 2017, Taizhou held a conference on industrial economic transformation, and Lan Shaomin was "angry" on the entrepreneurs present: "I want to give the entrepreneurs a" sword of Shang Fang ", that is, the snail award is awarded. He said, on the issue of the enterprise development environment, if you find the government departments at all levels, including municipal authorities, cities (districts), towns and towns (streets), there is no action and slow action, please call the efficiency office directly. "We open the assessment of the direct vehicle, after the situation verification, at any time to the responsible person to send 'snail Prize', do a dozen telephone, immediately check; unlimited quantity, no batch; once verified, week issued."

"Political affairs" (WeChat ID:xjbzse) noticed that in March 2017, Lan Shaomin was transferred from Taizhou to vice governor of Jiangsu and later became mayor of Nanjing in January of this year. After the post of secretary of the Taizhou Municipal Committee, Qu Futian, the former mayor of Suzhou, took over. In April this year, Nantong's former mayor, Han Liming, succeeded. Summing up information, the snail prize was first published in 4 years, with 43 units and individuals winning the prize. According to the information released by people's daily, more than 14 units and individuals have been on the list since March 2017. "Political affairs" combing public reports and the Taizhou municipal government and municipal efficiency construction website, can not query the "snail Award" assessment information after March 2017. In this regard, the Taizhou city efficiency office staff to "political affairs", the fourth batch of "snail prize" published in March 2017, after the release of the two batch of "snail prize", but not published in the government websites and newspapers. "The fifth and the sixth batches, we are in the conference of the Municipal Committee of the television and telephone conference, in the scene film embedded in the" snail prize "of the list of units, not published. Meanwhile, the seventh batch of snail awards is expected to be announced in July, the staff said.

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