Father is the special Hall official of the provincial Party committee secretary who was reported to be corrupt by the businessman's real name.

Father is the special Hall official of the provincial Party committee secretary who was reported to be corrupt by the businessman's real name.

Original title: special office officer fall horse

According to the 12 evening news of the Shaanxi Provincial Commission for Discipline Supervision, Hu Zhiqiang, the party secretary of the Party committee of the health planning committee of Shaanxi Province, was suspected of being seriously violating the law and violating the law and is currently undergoing a disciplinary review and investigation.

"Political affairs" (WeChat ID:xjbzse) noted that Hu Zhiqiang had been in charge of the city of Yulin for 9 years, successively as the mayor of Yulin, the party secretary of the municipal Party committee, the son of the former Secretary of the Shanxi provincial Party committee, Hu Fuguo. In April last year, the Secretary of the Yulin Municipal Committee and the director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress were transferred to the Secretary of the Party committee of the Shaanxi provincial health and Family Planning Commission.

After the departure of Yulin City, in July last year, Zhao Faqi, a businessman from Shaanxi, sent a document on the Internet. The real name reported "Hu Zhiqiang's huge bribery, feudal superstition, borrowing the Buddha to collect money, and buying officials to sell officials".

Hu Zhiqiang was born in October 1963 in Changzhi, Shanxi. In September 1988, after graduating from the industrial and commercial administration department of the Beijing finance and Trade Institute, he went into the business department of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and the foreign capital.

In March 1993, he was transferred to the office of the Huajin coking coal company as deputy director and assistant to the general manager. He was also appointed deputy county magistrate of Muping County, Shandong province. In April 1996, he became deputy manager and project director of Shenhua Group Industrial Development Department. He was promoted to manager of industrial development department two years later.

In November 2001, Hu Zhiqiang, 37, took the official career and was hanged as the Standing Committee and deputy mayor of the Xianyang Municipal Committee and Deputy Secretary of the municipal Party committee. 4 years after his appointment, in November 2005, he was transferred to the Deputy Secretary General of the Shaanxi provincial government and the Party member of the general office.

In February 2008, Hu's position changed again. The "airborne" energy city, Yulin, was appointed mayor and mayor, and became Secretary of the municipal Party committee in 2011.

According to the official website of Yulin City, Yulin has prominent resources advantages, especially coal, gas, oil and salt resources. Coal forecast reserves of 2800 million tons, of which Shenfu coalfield is one of the seven largest coal fields in the world.

In April last year, Hu Zhiqiang no longer served as secretary of the Yulin Municipal Committee and transferred to the Shaanxi provincial health and Family Planning Commission.

At the general meeting of the leading cadres of the city in April 19th, Hu Zhiqiang was regarded as "taking into account the overall situation, dared to act and unite comrades, to promote great efforts and to have a good reputation among the cadres and the masses."

Hu Zhiqiang said he resolutely supported the decision of the provincial Party committee and completely subordinated to the organizational arrangements. He said that more than 9 years of work in Yulin, with the city's cadres and people to fight side by side, to explore the road of enriching the people and the elm, to jointly deal with all kinds of risk tests, and to share the joy of sharing, is the most substantial, most memorable, most cherished years of his life.

He said that forever grateful organization's cultivation, forever remembered the Yulin people's kindness, forever thanked the Yulin cadre, forever will never forget Yulin this hot spot. Seeing today's flourishing and thriving Yulin land, we have a deep sense of joy and excitement, without years and good deeds, and a kind of heartfelt joy and excitement. The thought of leaving the land of Yulin, which is about to leave the emotions and perspiration, leaves the old people who are most loved and unforgettable. Our hearts are full of gratitude and sentimentally attached.

But three months later, in July 27th of last year, Zhao Faqi, a businessman in Yulin, issued a real name letter.

In his "real name report, the former Yulin municipal Party Secretary Hu Zhiqiang is a huge bribe, the feudal superstition, the enrichment of the Buddha, the seller of officials" in Yulin, said that during his tenure in Yulin, the secretaries of the districts and counties, the county magistrate and other positions were marked, and the officials at all levels wanted to be in Yulin "North six. The Secretary of the county and the county magistrate should bribe Hu Zhiqiang to thirty million to fifty million, and to be the Secretary of the Yulin "South six counties" and the county magistrate, they need to take bribes from twenty million to thirty million, which has become a public secret in the Yulin officialdom.

In addition, the letter of report also said that Hu Zhiqiang's home in Changzhi County, Shanxi Province, the village of Xia Huo, in 2008, Hu Zhiqiang as the mayor of Yulin, began to make all the way "geomantic master", "master" that Hu Zhiqiang's natural talent, born precious people, the future must be more expensive than the father, Hu himself will be further, so Hu Zhi will be further, so Hu Zhi The strong future will be unlimited.

"After Hu Zhiqiang listened, he believed that, according to the advice of the master, from 2009, the temple was built in the old house and the ancestral grave and the ancestral house were rebuilt." the monasteries spent hundreds of millions of money, but most of the money was not from Shanxi, but from the Yulin under the rule of Hu Zhiqiang. " The letter is said to be reported.

Zhao Faqi in the report also listed some names of businessmen in Yulin to contribute to the construction of an an music temple, including the former chairman of Yulin Energy Group Co., Ltd. and the Secretary of the Party committee of the Party committee, Wang Rongze.

Wang Rongze was expelled from the party in October 2013. The Shaanxi Provincial Committee of the discipline committee reported that Wang Rongze was performing the responsibility of the general manager of Yulin Yushen Coal Co., Ltd. as chairman and party secretary of Yulin Yushen Coal Co., Ltd., and used the convenience of his duty to gain benefits for others and receive huge bribes.

In the letter of Zhao Faqi, Zhao Faqi said that Wang Rongze was reviewed by the Shaanxi Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, and gave a clue to bribe bribery. In order to let Hu Zhiqiang save himself, Wang Rongze bribed Hu Zhiqiang with a bribe of 2 million yuan, and Wang Rongze confessed bribes on Hu Zhiqiang's car. When Hu Zhiqiang learned, he went up and down quickly.

Zhao Faqi also said in his letter, Hu Zhiqiang's father was the former Secretary of the Shanxi Provincial Committee Hu Fuguo. According to the financial network, in March 1993, when Hu became the deputy director of the office of Huajin coking coal company, Hu Fuguo, the father of Hu Zhiqiang, was serving as secretary of the Shanxi provincial Party committee.

According to the eighth issue of "Hu Fuguo: the Qing officer is remembered for the people" in the eighth issue of "Chinese Geriatric" magazine, sponsored by the Ministry of civil affairs and China Aging Association in 2017, "Hu Fuguo's eldest son Hu Zhiqiang, after graduating from the University, was divided into the work of the state industry and Commerce Bureau and served as the director of the Ministry of engineering of the Shenhua Group. When the central government decided to develop the west, he gave up the work of high income and good treatment. He volunteered to work in the West. He fought for 8 years, then he was the mayor of Yulin, Shaanxi. Wen Qiang, the youngest son, was admitted to the computer science major of China University of Mining and Technology. Because of his father's insistence, he changed his mining specialty. After graduating from University, it works in the lower mine. The minister's son went down to the mine, which surprised many people for a while.

At noon on 13, Zhao Faqi said to "political affairs" (WeChat ID:xjbzse) that after the report was issued, the Shaanxi Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection had found him to verify the situation. He submitted some of the evidence to the Shaanxi Provincial Commission for the discipline of discipline, and a lot of evidence was not provided. After the letter was sent out, Hu Zhiqiang had called many times in Shanxi's hometown of Changzhi county.

According to his understanding, there are other officials in Yulin who are involved in the case of Hu Zhiqiang. He said Hu had been in charge of Yulin for 9 years and had a very large space to manipulate power. Yulin is a big energy market and there is not a listed company yet. This is very unusual. It

"Political affairs" (WeChat ID:xjbzse) noted that the problems existing in the appointment of Yulin cadres, the Shaanxi Provincial Committee tour group on the Yulin city tour was pointed out.

From August 2015 to September, the fourth inspection team of the Shaanxi provincial Party committee inspected Yulin. In November 23rd, the fourth inspection team of the provincial Party committee sent feedback to the leading bodies in Yulin and cadres above the level.

At that time, Pan Wenjing, the leader of the time tour group, pointed out that the key areas and key links of Yulin did not act according to the laws and regulations, the construction projects of some financial funds were transferred illegally, the design and planning were not strictly controlled, the supervision of the real estate development was not in place; the engineering management was not standardized and the large amount of special funds were not strictly controlled and controlled. There is a violation of the Tendering Law in the construction project. The corruption of key posts and grass-roots cadres has occurred frequently in some important departments. Since eighteen, 34 cadres have been dealt with in violation of eight regulations.

In the selection and appointment of cadres, Pan Wenjing pointed out that the number of cadres in Yulin has a large number of cadres, with a total of 3657 people in the city, including 314 county cadres at the county level, 3064 cadres in the county and 279 people in the municipal department. Some departments and counties do not attach enough importance to the work of digestion and super matching cadres. Cities and counties (districts) have leading cadres in various associations over tenure or age.

At that time, Hu Zhiqiang said that to carry out the responsibility of strict administration of the party and unswervingly punish corruption, the "four winds" should be rectified and sustained from strict wind and discipline. The municipal Party committee will take the main responsibility and responsibility for the rectification work. After the meeting, the committee will hold the Standing Committee, recognize the problem, summarize the lessons, and draw up the rectification plan, refine the rectification measures item by item, make the rectification and rectification, and make the Provincial Committee safe and satisfied with the real improvement.

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