The gang used soybean milk to pretend to be a snake venom at high price and cheated repeatedly to win a bottle of about 200000.

The gang used soybean milk to pretend to be a snake venom at high price and cheated repeatedly to win a bottle of about 200000.

Original title: gang used soymilk as a high price snake venom, Fujian and Guangdong many times committing crimes

Legal network news high price "snake venom" actually just ordinary soymilk? The gang conspire to make a case, and the trick is successful. Recently, the people's Procuratorate of Fuqing, Fujian, prosecuted Liang, Xie, Liu and others for fraud.

On the morning of January 2, 2018, the defendant, Xie Mou, approached the victim Chen by asking for directions near a vegetable market in Longjiang street, Fuqing. Liu, a defendant, heard that he knew the way and joined the chatting of two people. During the chat, Xie said that he used to raise a snake and take out a bottle of white liquid with a bottle of wine. It was called "snake venom", 4500 yuan a gram, a bottle value of about 200000, want to ask where Fuqing can buy. Liu, a defendant, said the hospital was able to acquire it. He also said he knew "Dr. Zhang" in a strong hospital. He could ask him to assist in the laboratory tests and verify the authenticity. Xie suggested that Chen and Liu should take the lead of two people and make a promise of 200 yuan per person. With the temptation of money and curiosity, the victim did not go to Garth. When 3 people arrived at Rong Qiang hospital, Mr. Liang, who disguised as "Doctor Zhang", had been waiting in the doorway of the outpatient hall. Liang told them that the hospital could buy snake venom, and the purchase price of 1 milliliters was 4000 yuan, but it should be authenticate to the true and false first. Xie gave the "snake venom" to Liang. After a few minutes, Liang returned the "snake venom", calling it real snake venom, which was very valuable.

After leaving the hospital, Liu asked Xie to sell the "snake venom" to him and Chen for 3000 yuan per milliliter, and put forward a part of the deposit to Xie to be sincere and Xie agreed. The victim Chen went home and took 20 thousand yuan of cash to Xie Mou. At the same time, Liu bought a large bundle of 100 yuan denomination in the vicinity, posing as 60 thousand yuan to Xie. After receiving money, Xie Mou handed the snake poison to Chen, and he and Liu took the opportunity to escape. When Chen returned to his hair and Liu disappeared, he realized that he had been deceived. It turns out that the so-called "high price snake venom" is nothing but ordinary soymilk. After knowing the truth, Chen regrets.

According to the investigation, since May 2017, Xie Mou, Liang Mou and Liu Mou have committed five crimes in the same way in Guangdong, Fujian and other places, and have cheated over RMB 5 yuan.

Source: Legal Network

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