After the hit and run, the man was also arrested for showing off his friends.

After the hit and run, the man was also arrested for showing off his friends.

Original title: Guangxi man hit and run after the destruction of car hair circle of friends showing off

China new network Liuzhou June 13 (Wei Haoqiang) Guangxi Liuzhou city traffic police department 13, a man suspected of driving a car collision two rounds of electric cars after the collision escape. When the man was told that he was wanted by the police, he had to smash others' vehicles with friends. At present, the man has been caught by the police.

According to the police, in June 1st, a two car accident happened on a car collision at the junction of the new industrial park of Liu Shi Lu in Liuzhou. After the accident, the car escapes, causing the electric bicycle rider to fracture his right leg and ankle injury.

Subsequently, the police were tracked separately from the two aspects of escaping vehicles and drivers. On the night of June 4th, a video clip of a deliberately destroyed car was provided to the police. After analyzing the video, the police found the accident vehicle on the broken road of an industrial park about 3 kilometers away from the scene.

Through the information provided by the masses, the police locked the suspect to Guangxi Laibin City Jinxiu County Yu Mou. In June 11th, according to the public's information, the traffic police rushed to the new farm to catch Yu on the spot.

According to Yu Mou, the vehicle that caused the accident was he bought the deck car with 2000 yuan. Yu didn't have a driving license, but after two years, the forklift truck thought that the operation was almost the same. After buying a car, he drove directly on the road. After the accident, Yu was worried about being investigated by the traffic police and drove away from the scene.

In addition, Yu Mou learned from media reports that he was wanted by the police. On the night of June 3rd, he crashed the car tires on the road when he was driving a traffic accident. The car crashed with a few friends and recorded video to show off to others.

At present, Yu Mou has been controlled by the police, and the case is still under further investigation.

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