Media: bad dogs hurt people frequently, how many laws can't control a dog?

Media: bad dogs hurt people frequently, how many laws can't control a dog?

Original title: Half Moon: vicious dogs often hurt people, so how many laws can't control a dog?

The first half of the first half of the animated movie "the island of dogs", about 20 years after the future of society, the number of dogs, coupled with the dog flu, to bring security threats to the society. These plots are somewhat suggestive of the current reality. Dogs are friends and partners of human beings, but a series of recent incidents of dog injury have highlighted the long-standing problems of urban dogs. Why do the wounding dogs happen repeatedly? Why is the regulation of dog breeding in various places? How does the city dog manage?

Dogs are frequent and bad dogs are often seen

With the continuous improvement of living standards, pets and other pets are becoming more and more popular and popular culture. Pet protectionism is popular, and new words such as "sucking meow", "sucking Wang", "cloud raising" and so on are constantly emerging. Pet dogs have been extended to large dogs and dogs, such as "hounds", "wolf dogs", "Tibetan mastiff", and other large dogs and dogs from the old puppies and pocket pets. In a network forum known as the "Dog Club", the forum has more than 60 million members, and more than 30 kinds of dogs, such as bit dog, casino, stford, and lolna, have special pages for members to exchange their hearts and buy and sell dogs.

Large numbers of dogs and dogs have been raised by residents. A 4 year old boy was bitten by a bitdog in a pet store in Chongqing on May. The pit bull is one of the ten biggest dogs in the world. It is a fierce dog breed bred and bred as a fighting dog. Also recently, a vicious dog injury incident occurred in Qingnian Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing. 8 people were bitten by a vicious dog.

The statistics of the CDC of the national health and Health Commission showed that in 2017, 516 cases of rabies were reported, 502 cases died, and the highest number of infectious diseases included AIDS, tuberculosis and viral hepatitis. In addition to bad dogs injure people, improper pet raising in real life also causes many social problems.

It has been found that although the civilized dog has been advocated for many years, there are still people going out for walking the dog without pulling the rope and running a dog. There are no lack of large dogs, a park that forbids the entry of pets, even the road of the street campus, and often can see the stool and urine trace of the dog.

"The dog owners should also consider the feelings of our fear of dog people, and often go into the residential elevators and go around the dog, and don't be afraid." "There are too many dogs in the community," said Ms. Tan, a citizen who lived in Chongqing's Liangjiang New Area. "My family is more than two years old. Because of the frequent occurrence of bad dogs, I dare not take the children to walk down the stairs."

In the name of nothing, dog law is hard to enforce.

The vicious dog frequently hurts, who will be treated? Half moon reporter learned that in order to maintain order in social life, in recent years, many dogs have been issued regulations, trying to strengthen the management of dogs.

The regulations on dog management in Beijing, promulgated and implemented in 2003, stipulate that no unit or individual is allowed to have dogs without registration and annual inspection. In Dongcheng District, Xicheng District, Chaoyang District, Haidian District and other key management areas, only one dog is allowed for each household, and no strong dog or large dog is allowed. Residents should handle dog registration and annual inspection procedures according to law, and give rabies vaccine to their dogs.

There are also some cities that provide more detailed rules for dogs to raise their responsibilities. In 2013, the Harbin city issued a notice that a dog and a large dog were forbidden to keep a dog and a large dog for each household, and a pure breed of dogs with a height of more than 55 centimeters and a body length of more than 75 centimeters were prohibited. The Suzhou city of Jiangsu, published this year, "Suzhou dog management regulations (Revised Draft)" stipulates that the public is out to walk the dog, the traction belt must be within 2 meters; the dog barking interferes with the normal life of others, there are more than 3 adjacent complaints, the public security organs will give warning; the dog is injured more than 2 times or one injury to 2 people once. On the above, the public security organs will confiscate dogs and revoke the registration certificate for dogs. Dogs can not apply for dog raising within 5 years.

Because of the heavy workload of dog management, limited enforcement power and weak legal consciousness of dog owners, similar provisions have not been well implemented. Management departments generally reflect that "the starting point of these Provisions is good, but the actual implementation is too difficult."

"Peacetime is the best thing to do. If we have a bad dog injury incident, we will seize this job temporarily." The deputy director of a district animal health supervision institute in Chongqing told reporters in the middle of the month that dog management is still a muddled account. "How many households have pets in the whole area, how many pets have not registered or vaccinated, the exact numbers are not clear, and it is very difficult to make statistics."

According to the deputy director, the management of dog breeding is a systematic work involving the whole society. Although the dog raising method stipulates that the public security departments, animal husbandry, health, municipal and village committees (neighborhood committees) are responsible for the management of dogs, the limits of the responsibility for supervision in various departments are not clear enough, and the daily work is also mutually exclusive. The lack of effective communication and collaboration makes it difficult to form a resultant force, resulting in the existence of dog raising provisions in name only.

Dog harnessing, long-term mechanism to be established

"City residents have a strong wind of dogs, which reflects the need for spiritual life after the improvement of people's material life, but the civilized consciousness and moral consciousness of the dog owners need to be promoted accordingly." Associate professor of political science and public administration and Professor Jing Jun of Southwest University of Political Science and Law believes that this is a hidden danger for dogs.

The tort liability law stipulates the legal responsibility of the owners or managers when the pet causes serious injuries or deaths, but this kind of malignant events in real life accounts for only a certain proportion, and more cases of dog injury are still compensated by negotiation between the two parties. In the event of a pit dog injury in Chongqing, the dog owner took the medical treatment cost of the injured boy, and was warned by the public security organ to pay a fine of 500 yuan. "This treatment can only achieve the right relief for the injured, from the public level, it is difficult to really play the role of maintaining public security, and can not prevent the occurrence of an injury."

To manage dog diseases, we need to strengthen management, and also need to improve related supporting services. Zhao Ziqiao, a citizen of Dadukou District in Chongqing, suggested that the management department should strengthen the service awareness while perfecting relevant laws and regulations and strictly enforcing the law, such as taking the initiative to understand the situation of pet raising, providing convenience for the registration of pet certificate, and reminding the dog people to play the vaccine regularly.

In the process of urbanization, with the relocation of houses and the relocation of residential areas, some dogs have been abandoned and stray dogs have increased. At present, some cities, including Beijing, have set up stray dogs' shelters, but they are expensive because of their high operating costs. In response, experts and veterinarians suggested that the system design should be perfected to increase the ability to accommodate and manage stray dogs. For some "vicious dogs", "mad dogs", "poisonous dogs" and so on, the management departments must take effective measures in advance to prevent the incidents of fierce dogs and build a long-term mechanism to govern the dog.

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