Poor girls were cheated 40 thousand think of Xu Yuyu: if I die, can money be recovered?

Poor girls were cheated 40 thousand think of Xu Yuyu: if I die, can money be recovered?

Original title: [purple cow news] cheated 40 thousand of the poor girls think of Xu Yuyu: if I die, can money recover?

"I was really desperate. My family was cheated nearly 40 thousand yuan. I didn't know how to go to university after I didn't catch up. Money is borrowed from relatives. I don't want to live without it. "

"Also thinking of Xu Yuyu case, I am a bit of a bit. At that time, if you want to die yourself, will society attach importance to this matter? Is it possible that money can come back? "

After knowing the news of the cheated, the poor girl of the family, sitting on the high speed rail to Nanjing, lost her soul. She admitted to her death when she interviewed the purple cow news reporter of the Yangzi Evening Newspaper.

40 thousand yuan, for the family with a monthly income of more than 4000 yuan, it is indeed a huge sum of money.

"What makes me more worried is that the cheater pretends to me that he has to pay 40 thousand yuan for his learning expenses, and he does not hesitate to collect the money. Feeling the heavy love of my parents, I was deceived by this huge sum of money. I thought maybe I could recover the money just like Xu Yuyu. "

Yesterday, the female university student Xiao Shu posted on micro-blog, telling her father to face short message fraud, after receiving short message from her daughter, in order to send her Harvard professor's course together to collect nearly 40 thousand yuan to the other side, and the father found the small Shu core to be deceived in real time, and the money was already one for her family. A huge sum of money.

12 noon, Xiao Shu and her father had been reported to the two police stations in Nanjing, the Yangzi Evening News, purple cattle news reporters from the Mei Yuan new village police station, the police have already filed a case investigation. Xiao Shu said in an interview with reporters that he was very excited and had an extreme idea. He is much better now and will not do anything stupid.

[the poor girl who was cheated 40 thousand thought of Xu Yuyu: if I die, will the money be recovered?]

[Xiao Shu father (green dialog box) and cheater's chat record]

Poor girl tuition was cheated: think of the Xu Yuyu case, want to die.

At noon on 13 noon, the purple evening news reporter of Yangzi Evening News met Xiao Shu and her father Shu Shu at the police station of Meiyuan New Village. Recollection of the 12 day, Xiao Shu is still very excited, she is somewhat choked to tell the reporter that she is a sophomore in a university in Shandong, and his family work in Nanjing. Yesterday, she was still in the examination. Suddenly, she received a phone call from her father and asked about the registration fee. "I was dumb at that time, and there was no need to pay for any school.

Dad showed me their chatting records and told me that they had remitted more than 38000 yuan to the other person. We realized that we must have been cheated. Xiao Shu said, "I saw many similar reports in the media, but I didn't expect it to happen to me. Yesterday, after the examination, I bought a high-speed rail ticket directly to Nanjing, and I could not understand it on the high speed rail. I also thought of the Xu Yuyu case. At that time, if I wanted to die, would society pay attention to this matter? Would it be possible for money to come back and someone to help us? "

The reporter understands, many netizens saw micro-blog later, also advised Xiao Shu below.

Many netizens who saw the news sent messages to her to help the girls and their families quickly stabilize their emotions. They contacted the police to freeze the bank accounts and freeze the remittance of micro-blog.

Some netizens posted a liar according to the mobile phone number found Alipay account, but the Alipay account has shown "account does not exist, or other close" through the mobile phone number to find my 'privacy switch."

40 thousand tuition fees were borrowed from relatives, and many times the transfer was successful.

In a screenshot of a large number of short message chat records from small Shu, the reporter saw that a liar disguised herself as text messages with her father, saying that her cell phone and clothes were washed together, and the water was damaged so that he borrowed his classmates' cell phone.

In the chat, the school invited senior foreign tutors from Harvard University to open business English to school. The tuition fee was 38500, and the certificate was recognized by the state. The other side has not wanted to lose this rare opportunity and time for the reason, ask Mr. Shu to "Tuition" into the "school unified payment account".

Mr. Shu told the Yangzi Evening News that he was going to an interview at 8 a.m. on the 12 morning. The message he received directly said his daughter's name and said he had broken his handset when he washed his clothes and communicated with his classmates' mobile phone in class. "At that time, I talked with me about my academic work, because it was like the tone of my daughter who spoke to me at ordinary times. She had some ideas to communicate with me, and I didn't think much about it."

Mr. Shu said that he had called the number at that time, but the other party hung up and returned to the information that he was in class now. "The other side also provided a number of the director of the so-called English department. I called the other person to tell me that he was fully responsible for the matter and told me that this was the government - sponsored, school - sponsored, and a certificate approved by Harvard. Because I was applying for a job at that time, I was in a hurry, and the other party hurriedly urged that the money should be put in place before 10:30.

Mr. Shu told his lover this thing, but also did not mention the abnormal communication of communication, two people, by her lover in the Nanjing Jiming temple a bank to the other's account to the other's account 23600 yuan. Because of the difficulty of the family for a moment can not get so much money, two people opened to the small aunt borrowed money, in Xiaolingwei, Nanjing, a bank to remit the rest of the tuition fees, a total of four times to remit 38500 yuan.

Xiao Shu is a filial daughter, earning three jobs and earning living expenses.

"Later, my aunt called me and said that my mother knew that after being cheated was not very right, and all ideas have had, I would like to go home and see my mother." Speaking of his mother, Xiao Shu began to wipe her tears. The reporter learned that Mr. Shu's family is not in good condition. His wife is working in Nanjing. His wife is doing a job of cleaning and cleaning. The income of two people is more than 4000 yuan a month, and it is barely available for her daughter to read. Xiao Xiao Shu worked three jobs in the school, and did his best to bear the cost of living without affecting his studies.

"Maybe people don't understand how important the forty thousand is for me. There are some borrowed money and return to my relatives, so I was excited about micro-blog yesterday, and I feel sorry to have a lot of kindness for me. Many people have comforted me, and someone has asked me how to call the police. From the conversation with Xiao Shu, the reporter felt that she was a very filial girl who thought about her parents and did not want their parents to work for their academic work. So she learned that after being cheated, she also had very great psychological pressure.

In the police station, the father showed the materials to the police while comforting his daughter, so that she did not have to worry about the future tuition fees. It

More than one case

A liar mastered a full set of information for the victim

Mr. Shu told the purple cow news reporter that, when he was remittances to the bank in accordance with the instructions of a cheater, the bank also made a risk hint, telling him to be careful and guard against financial fraud. But the girl was eager to explain to the bank that the tuition fee was remitted to her daughter, and the bank staff would not dissuade after listening to it.

"This is really strange I am not good, in fact, now think still have a lot of loopholes, the number of her teacher is Nanjing is not Shandong, I do not know how the brain hot to do this matter." Mr. Shu has been very self reproach to this. "When she chose the specialty, she listened to our opinion, but because of the misunderstanding of the professional understanding, she was not happy to learn. We have been guilty of both of them. We want to make a round of her professional, or the dream of studying in the study. In this case, it is really full support, so I don't think much."

Xiao Shu also told reporters that after he sent micro-blog, many netizens sent messages to her, telling him that he had encountered similar fraud. "There are five or six people in Nanjing who leave messages to me, 3 of whom are cheated, and the experiences of these people are very similar to ours."

The Yangzi Evening Newspaper, purple cow news, learned that many of these deception calls for the school to invite professors from Harvard University to train them, requiring urgent remittances to pay tuition fees from 30 thousand to 50 thousand. They all use the unfamiliar number to contact their parents, claiming that they should register for school or training. These students are from junior high school to university, and they know the number of children's grade school and family very clearly. As for how the information was leaked, Xiao Shu and his father had no clue at all.

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