Gang use virtual currency pyramid selling offline offline thousands of people cheat 142 million yuan

Gang use virtual currency pyramid selling offline offline thousands of people cheat 142 million yuan

Original title: Jiangsu sentencing "Wanfu coin" network pyramid selling case: offline thousands of people cheat pyramid selling gold over 142 million yuan

China and the new network, Nanjing, June 13 (reporter Shen ran correspondent Su Su) 13, the Jiangsu provincial procuratorial organs informed the society of the "million dollar" mega network pyramid case of the review. It is reported that the organized pyramid selling case uses virtual currency to carry out pyramid selling, developing thousands of people off the line and cheating pyramid selling gold for over 142 million yuan. Recently, the case was sentenced in the first instance of Yunlong District People's court in Xuzhou. 7 defendants were sentenced to two to six years in prison and the maximum penalty was 500 thousand yuan.

It was found that in February 2016, the defendant, Wang Moumou, introduced a network pyramid selling organization through "a combination of heaven and earth" (later renamed "Wanfu coin"). From February 2016 to May, the defendant Wang XXX directly or indirectly developed the defendant into XXX, Peng, Mou, Mou, Mou and Mou, Li XX and XXX joined the pyramid marketing organization. The defendants have developed more than 1000 people directly or indirectly, and defrauded the MLM funds in total RMB over 1.42 billion yuan.

The prosecutor has introduced a new network pyramid selling case involving a large number of cases, involving a wide area, and involving huge sums of money. In order to clarify the case, in order to clarify the case, the prosecutor checked the accounts of more than 1.42 billion yuan. At the same time, it tried to examine seven criminal suspects. The organization structure, the composition of the personnel, the means of profit, the share of the income, and so on, were carefully combed and examined, and the case was finally smooth. The review is terminated and prosecuted to the court.

The reporter learned that, in recent years, with the further development of mobile Internet, some MLM organizations have begun under the banner of "Internet plus" banner, the so-called "small business" and "business" and "multi-layer distribution" name, with high returns as bait, engaged in marketing activities. Network pyramid schemes gradually upgrade, variety of variety, so that people can not guard against it. The use of virtual currency for pyramid selling has gradually become a new feature of current network pyramid selling. In 2017, the people's Procuratorate of Yunlong District of Xuzhou City accepted 6 cases of 26 cases of using virtual monetary organization and leading pyramid marketing by public security organs. Compared with 2 11 people in the same period of 2016, the number of cases and the number of cases involved have increased greatly.

"Investment risk" must be hidden behind "rich return", the procuratorial organ reminds us that there are various kinds of virtual digital money on the Internet, and it is difficult to distinguish true and false money.

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