Henan's "flying thief" survey: hundreds of Luoshan thieves were sentenced to jail


Original title: Henan "flying pirates" survey: at least hundreds of Luoshan air theft victims

"If you want to be rich, eat the railway; you must be mad and eat civil aviation." This sentence is from the mouth of Lu Anbin, Luoshan County, Henan. Lu Anbin was called the "master" or "the originator" who was engaged in the theft of aircraft.

In June 1st, the Henan Luoshan County special action office for combating theft of civil aviation passengers property issued a notice of "three generations", which attracted widespread attention.

The upstream news (National News Hotline: [email protected]) was successively reported by the 4 "flying robbers" in Henan, which were shocked by the official "three generation" of the Ministry of public security of the Ministry of public security, and the 4 people in the "three generation of Henan", from the gambler to the "flying robber".

A survey by upstream journalists in Luoshan learned that there was a wide range of "flying sky robbers" behind the "three generation of companies" - they engaged in crimes such as cutting bags, digging bags and weighing bags on buses and trains in the city in the 80s and 90s, and transferred to domestic flights to carry out air theft after 2000. After 2010, the "no business" of the "flying Apsaras" was transferred from domestic flights to international flights.

According to the case statistics of the police data and the referee's net, the upstream journalists showed that at least hundreds of Luoshan "flying robbers" were sentenced to 12 years since 2006.

Luoshan police said that "flying robbers" seriously affected our country's political reputation, economic development, and even national security. At least 426 people in Luoshan have been listed as high risk personnel for aircraft theft.

Reporters found that, under the severe attack of the police, the "flying thief" was thrown into prison or disappeared, or reformed.

Lu Anbin, a founder of the great master, got rich overnight and received many disciples and disciples of the same nationality.

The propaganda column at the gate of the police station of the Zhou party town of Luoshan county is recorded as such a paragraph: Zhou party town adjacent to Guangshan, Xinxian County, the three county combined area, with a total population of more than 7 people, is the most populous rural township in Luoshan county. The Zhou party has convenient transportation, and the 219 and 339 lines of the provincial highway converge in the territory. The flow of personnel is fast and the public security situation is complicated. In the 80s and 90s of last century, most of the inhabitants of the town stepped on the road to the north and south, and the "predecessors", after tasting the sweetness of pickpocket, gradually took the way of theft.

In June 11th, on the wall of the Civil Affairs Office of the town, the upstream reporter saw a announcement about urging Zhou Party civil aviation burglary key personnel to return home. There were 44 people in the announcement. Zhou party police station introduced that most of the 44 people have returned to China, and a few still remain silent.

A Long (a pseudonym) on the bulletin introduced two and a half years ago, he took a passport to the UAE. The reason why he went to UAE was because he thought there was gold everywhere, all rich people. "I flew four or five times from Dubai to Guangzhou and Beijing. I didn't steal it. The government sent me a notice again, and I came back. If I am a robber, I am just a robber who has never been successful, and is in line with the government's leniency policy.

Aaron is the same as other flying pirates. Aaron introduced that Lu Anbin is more than 50 years old this year. He is tall and weighs more than 200 pounds. In the early years, he worked as a terminal in Guangzhou and accumulated millions of wealth. "Someone said he lost the bet. Some people said that his business went bankrupt, and he was broke at about 2000."

Just over a year later, Lu Anbin became rich again. When Aaron's friend learned from Lu Anbin, Lu Anbin said, "if you want to be rich, eat the railway; you must be crazy and eat civil aviation." The reason why Lu Anbin said this was that in March 18, 2001, he was robbed of 30 thousand yuan on the flight to Beijing in Guangzhou. This is the second time that he is going to take a plane after stealing.

Lu Anbin taught the experience of "Hou Sheng": mark it, take the bag away while the passenger is sleeping, take the money out to the bathroom and put it back, and then withdraw immediately after he gets his hand.

Lu Anbin was arrested in 2002. According to media reports, on March 2, 2002, 8893 people from Shantou to Guangzhou reported that they had been robbed of 50 thousand yuan. The police found that Lu Anbin and his partner Wang Canyin and Xu Yuanmou were among the passengers. In July 20th, Lu Anbin appeared at XinYang Railway Station in Henan, and the 4 policemen tried hard to capture the thief's head.

The news reporters in the Zhou Dynasty often failed to find Lu Anbin.

Aaron said that the legend of his grandfather was still there, but whether he was in prison or out of prison, no one knew that he had disappeared.

The criminals are returning to their hometown to show off their achievements.

44 of the local government notices came from the village groups under Zhou Dang Town. 4 of them were from Qinglong village.

In June 12th, the upstream reporters came to the group to visit. They heard a foreign accent. Many villagers kept silent, but urged reporters to leave quickly.

Under the recommendation of a staff member of the village committee, the group of villagers Liu Liu (a pseudonym) was interviewed by reporters. Two years ago, he said, like a handful of villagers, he lived by counting bags. He lost his job in 1997 and went to prison. After spending 3 years in prison, he washed his hands and worked in the village.

Liu said: "most of our group are surnames, surnames, and relatives. My brother took his brother, and his uncle took his nephew out and stole it. After they could not steal on the train, they went to the domestic flight. But they never eat grass, they steal outside. "

Aaron said that some people have made a fortune and have not come back again. Some have bought a house in the county town, some have bought a house in the city; some people are still in prison. No matter whether it is poor or rich, it will never come back.

This village cadre, two years ago, almost every four or five days, there are police from all over the country to capture the suspects, but many of the police are empty handed, most of the suspects at home only old parents.

In 2010, Yang Zhilin, deputy chief officer of the Luoshan County Criminal Police Brigade, published a paper in the Public Security Journal, saying that the participants from domestic flights were from a few villages in the town of Zhou party to the whole town, and then to the 101 villages of 14 villages and towns, such as Peng Xin, Pan Xin, Mountain store and Mang, around the Zhou party. As of 2010, 426 people were classified as high-risk persons for theft.

They do the same trick: after finding someone carrying valuable items such as cash or gold and silver jewelry, the thieves follow the trail, or make a case, or cover each other while people are stuck. The robbers had strong sense of anti reconnaissance, used fake ID cards and refused to admit their guilt after being arrested.

Why are the "flying Apsaras" mostly from Luoshan, Henan? Yang Zhilin said that after the reform and opening up, China's economy developed rapidly. This kind of people looked at the air passengers and thought that the air travellers were carrying more money with cash, and they were easy to make cases and get more stolen money and stolen goods. After committing a crime, the criminals showed off their crime results in a big way.

The "flying Apsaras" moved to international flights, and Dubai was used as an offshore dens.

Why is the "flying giant" transferred from the mainland to the international community?

In the interview with Zhou party, more than half of the local journalists found that around 2010, the "great flying thief" moved from the mainland to the international arena. There are two reasons: the domestic public security organs have built a high risk staff bank, and there are fewer and fewer people with a large number of cash on the plane.

The data showed that from 2006 to 2010, Luoshan police actively handled 191 people from all over the country to deal with the party's "flying thieves", 48 prisoners, 55 prisoners, 67 detained and 26 fugitive.

Up to 10 years since 2008, the upstream journalists found that there were 20 cases of theft and punishment by Luoshan people from 2008 to the present. Of the 20, 8 were recidivism, and 19 of the 20 were sentenced to 6 months to 14 years, and 1 for three months.

For 14 years, he was named "flying Apsaras" on international flights. In March 6, 2017, Luo resembles Hayden on the KQ870 flight from Nairobi, Kenya to Guangzhou. On the way to Vietnam Hanoi, Luo Hai, while the victim was asleep, stole $68000 of cash from his backpack on the luggage rack. After the success, Luo Hai Hai took advantage of the flight to stop in Hanoi. 8 days later, the Luo dege sea again through the Vietnamese women to the stolen part of the dollar into RMB, from the woman to his two cousins bank card account transfer RMB 200 thousand yuan, more than 19 yuan. In April 7th of the same year, Rojo again stolen cash of 2400 euros and $500 in a handbag placed on an aircraft rack by a foreign passenger and exchanged the stolen money in the same way into RMB.

The choice of international flights is random. In December 30, 2014, Ren Guoliang, the Luoshan man, took the 62250 dollar of the victim's backpack when he was on the ET606 flight from Dubai to Guangzhou to Guangzhou on December 30, 2014, and the $60 thousand of the dollar was wrapped in black plastic bags and hidden below the seat left of his seat. Up.

Dubai, the economic and financial center of the Middle East, is also a foothold in the foreign countries.

At the beginning of this month, the wife of Zhou Xiang, which was published by the official three generation of the three generation of "company" in Luoshan, was introduced to the wife of Zhou Xiang, who had been to many countries to change a place for a period of time.

In the above 20 cases, many defendants used false identity cards. The document showed that in June 2016, the Zhuhai city was forged a temporary identity card with an address in the Qingshan District of Wuhan and Li Shuli, who was sentenced to detention in the city of Wuhan. Before the fall of the case, Wan Tso had been holding the false document 5 times between July 29th and August 14, flying back and forth across the country.

The local people say that each of these "flying robbers" has a false identity card or another person's identity card in the hands of a vehicle such as a vehicle such as a vehicle.

The upstream reporters found that some of the "robbers of the sky" were all two crimes - theft and the use of false identity documents.

The official attack on the "flying Apsaras" has collected and cancelled more than 1500 passports.

On 6 and 12, there is an electronic display screen on the street beside the county Party committee and county government in Luoshan.

On the display, Zhou Conggui, the director of the County Public Security Bureau, said: "the whole county public security organ should unify the whole police thought, unite the whole police force, the intelligence of the whole police, make the same heart, make a war to the" flying robber ". The public security organs will no longer deal with the investigation and refuse to follow the advice and do not go back. The public security organs will send the arrest group, no matter where to escape, where the arrest group will be pursued, and resolutely bring them to justice.

Before Zhou Conggui's speech, the Luoshan County Public Security Bureau held an oath conference in May 18th, in order to bring about the high climax of the special management of the theft of civil aviation and property crime.


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