All the foreign media responded: Trump and Kim Jeong-eun signed the China plan.

All the foreign media responded: Trump and Kim Jeong-eun signed the China plan.

Original title: all the foreign media responded: Trump is not China's signature.

After the summit of the North American leaders who saw the world's attention in the daytime, many American media immediately began to digest the main content of the talks at the late night of our time in Beijing, their daytime.

And today, he woke up and was surprised to find that the American media were reluctant to come to the conclusion that China became the "biggest winner" of the talks...

I believe that it will be strange that China, in addition to sending Korean leader Kim Jeong-eun to Singapore, did not participate in the talks. How can China be "the biggest winner" by these American media, which we all have a little mental label for ourselves?

It turned out that the American media had digested the meeting of Trump and Kim Jeong-eun overnight, especially the commitments made by Trump and Kim Jeong-eun, and found the fact that they were depressed: the full denuclearization of Kim Jeong-eun and the commitment of Trump to suspend the military exercise against the DPRK, not the Chinese government. Has been calling for a "double pause" program...

An analysis by the US Washington Post wrote so explicitly: stop military exercises? Trump's plan for North Korea was first put forward by China.

The Japanese diplomat magazine also wrote in its latest report that despite the fact that the United States and the DPRK have not stated that the agreement between the two countries in Singapore is precisely the "double suspension" of China's "cessation of military exercises, the cessation of North Korea's nuclear test" and the "Korean denuclearization" and "North Korea". The contents of the two initiatives are "normalization of relations between the United States and the establishment of a peace mechanism on the Korean peninsula".

In fact, the views of the two media are basically a "consensus" in Western media such as the CBS news network of the United States, the United States national radio network, the United States New York Times, the global post of Canada, the British Reuters, the British guardian, and other Western media, although they have a clear view of the reality. Some reluctance and embarrassment...

For example, the New York Times, though explicitly referring to the "Freeze for Freeze" of "double pause" in their report, did not mention that it was proposed by China, but claimed that it was a "mainstream proposal" to solve the Korean problem.

In addition, even some think tanks in the United States have pointed out that the consensus reached by Trump and Kim Jeong-eun in Singapore is actually China's "double pause" and "double track parallel".

The Brookings Institution, a well-known American diplomatic think-tank, also said that when Trump met with Chinese leaders at the White House last November, he said he was reluctant to accept the Chinese proposal, and in January this year the United States Secretary of state restated that the United States would not accept the "double pause" initiative. What you Trump agreed to in Singapore today is the Chinese proposal.

Of course, the American think tank, as well as the American media, shows a reluctance to think that China's "double pause" is more favorable to North Korea than the United States.

This is also the Washington Post in the United States, in another of its latest analysis article, with a "high black" tone to China on the "biggest winner" hat. They want to use this way to stimulate American public opinion and politics, and tell them that Trump's approach may have made the United States pit again.

However, for Trump, the president of the United States, which is "my own way" and "capricious", he has not accepted it from the beginning, and now, in order to get "achievements" on the Korean issue, and the DPRK has returned to China's proposal of "double suspension" and "double track parallel", this objective result is persuasive. The guidance of the most powerful propaganda machine and mouth gun before us was just like what our Foreign Ministry spokesman, Geng Shuang and foreign minister Wang Yi said yesterday.

"It has been proved that the" double pause "initiative proposed by the Chinese side has been realized and the current situation is developing along the direction of" double track and progress ". It is of great and positive significance for the supreme leaders of the two countries to sit together and engage in an equal dialogue for more than half a century. It is to create a new history. China welcomes and supports this, because this is the goal China has been looking forward to and worked hard for. "

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