Foreign media: suspects in Paris hostage taking were sent to mental hospitals

Foreign media: suspects in Paris hostage taking were sent to mental hospitals

Beijing, June, 13, according to Russian satellite network, the suspect of hostage taking in Paris, France, has been taken to a mental hospital by police.

On the afternoon of 12 local time, a man suddenly broke into a 10 district office in Paris and hijacked hostages. After receiving the report, the police dispatched a large number of police officers and rescue workers to the scene and arranged talks with experts to contact the man.

After several hours of confrontation between the two sides, the police launched a strong attack on the suspect's room. The criminal was arrested by the police, and two hostages were unharmed. One of the hostages was poured on petrol. The police seized the knives and false guns at the scene, but no explosives were found.

It was reported that the 26 year old Morocco man was not on the monitoring list of the French intelligence department. At the time of negotiations with the police, he initially asked for contact with the Embassy of Iran in France, and later talked about the social hot events such as the "9 / 11" incident.

Reported that, because of the ambiguous demands of the perpetrators, some experts believe that his mental state is abnormal. The French interior minister, Cologne, praised the police for handling the problem quickly, and said the suspects showed "insanity" and "nonsense".

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