Does the director of the son of the director receive a Daoist funding? Director of the job: waiting for an organization to investigate

Does the director of the son of the director receive a Daoist funding? Director of the job: waiting for an organization to investigate

Original title: Director of the Xi'an Religious Bureau, whose son has been charitable funded by his son? Director: waiting for an organization to investigate

"Support the deputy director of Xi'an Religious Bureau Li Shemin son to study in the United States for 20 thousand yuan," this is a message that appeared in the charitable account of the benevolent palace of the Ming Temple in Lintong, Xi'an, in 2013. From the afternoon of June 12th, the detailed screenshots of the accounts were rapidly disseminated on the Internet.

From the evening of 12, the official website of Ming Ming Palace, which released the account details, has been unable to open.

In 2013, the official account of Ming Sheng palace released details of the charity account, which included funding information from Religious Bureau officials and studying abroad.

Li Shemin, an official involved in the matter, was promoted to the director of the Xi'an Municipal Ethnic Affairs Commission in April 2015 (director of the Xi'an Municipal Bureau of Religious Affairs). In the afternoon of June 13th, he told that "all organizations have concluded their conclusions, and I do not want to say anything now." It

Ming Sheng palace is located at the West embroidery ridge of Mount Li in Lintong District of Xi'an. The official website of the Shaanxi Taoist Association showed that in 1992, the Taoist believers, such as Yan Wuxiong, a patriotic personage in Taiwan, collected nearly fifty million yuan to build the temple of the Ming Dynasty, and were approved by the Lintong Religious Affairs Bureau in 2002 and opened to the outside world.

In the afternoon of 12, the above screenshot was circulated on the Internet, and the news was verified on the official website of the Ming Temple. The account was clearly issued for the official network, and the release time was May 16, 2016. In addition, the website also published details of charitable accounts in the past few years. Charity projects mostly help poor students, donate schools, Taoist temple and so on.

The Ming Temple official website shows that the Ming Sheng Gong virtue will be established in October 9, 2012, which is a basic charity work of philanthropy on the basis of summing up the experience of many years of charity and public welfare activities. It will be a voluntary non-profit social organization, composed of people from all walks of life who are enthusiastic about Taoist charity and other social organizations.

The regulations of Ming Sheng merit Association show that the source of the fund is Ming Sheng Gong administrative committee, which is 5% of the income of the previous year. In addition, the sources of funds include Taoist teachers, lay scholars, believers' devotion, donations from all walks of life, and so on.

However, from around 9 on the evening of 12, Ming Ming Palace website has been unable to log in and browse.

Ming Sheng merit association office is located in Ming Sheng palace. At noon on 13 noon, when the news rushed to the interview, the office was unmanned. Wang Jiantu, an surging journalist

In June 13th, the news from the Lintong District Bureau of Civil Affairs learned that Ming Sheng virtue would be a non-profit social group registered in the Bureau. The registration time was October 2012, and the annual inspection was all qualified. The staff of the Lintong Civil Affairs Bureau told the news that the president had been appointed by Liu Shitian in the Ming Palace since the founding of the Council.

13 afternoon, the surging news call Liu Shitian, he said he was in a meeting, then hung up the phone. At the end of the press release, Liu Shitian did not reply to the short message sent by reporters.

Public information shows that Li Shemin, an official of the financial aid gate, has been promoted to the director of the Xi'an Municipal Council for Ethnic Affairs in April 2015 (director of the Xi'an Municipal Bureau of Religious Affairs). He said to the surging news on the phone: "everything and other organizations have conclusions, and I don't want to say anything now." "The organization will definitely intervene, the organization will go according to the procedure, I can't say anything now."

Xi'an Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection said that the Discipline Inspection Commission has been concerned about this public opinion.

According to Beijing time, Mr. Yao, director of the office of the Xi'an Municipal Bureau of religious affairs, responded that they had noticed the information, but the information was inconsistent with the facts. Mr. Li Shemin himself had reported the matter to the Municipal Committee of Xi'an, the municipal government and the municipal discipline Commission. At the same time, the Bureau immediately launched an investigation on the matter. After the investigation results are formed, they will be released to the public in a timely manner.

According to the observer network, the general manager of the Ming Palace replied that "I was not clear about the accounts in 2013 and the figures published on the official website," and he said, "this is not necessarily true because of the time they typed." There will be something wrong on the website. I can't reply to the accounts of 2013 until I check them out. It is impossible for him to give him the money.

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