Original title: Trump is nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize this time.

Overseas network June 14, after the summit meeting reached a joint statement in June 12th, two members of Norway nominated US President Trump as the candidate for the Nobel peace prize.

The nomination of two members of the Norway MP was in response to the May 2nd American Republican application, according to the 13 Norway national media NRK, quoted by the United States' Capitol mountain newspaper. At that time, 18 Republican members of the United States Congress joined the Norway Nobel prize committee to nominate Trump for the 2019 Nobel peace prize, in recognition of his work in improving the relationship between the United States and the DPRK.

According to reports, two Norway members are members of the right-wing Progressive Party in the country, which advocates restricting immigration and reducing the size of the government. Since the nomination of the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize ended in January this year, Trump will become a candidate for the 2019 peace prize.

Earlier, Korean President Wen Yin said Trump should win the Nobel peace prize. Trump responded in an interview, "we all think so, but I will not say."

In recent months, the Trump administration's contacts with the DPRK have broken down, from the military threat to the indeterminate negotiation attitude, and finally in June 12th in Singapore, the summit of the north and the United States. In the joint statement signed by the United States and North Korea, the United States provided security guarantees and the DPRK promised denuclearization.

The Trump administration lists military measures not only for North Korea. In April this year, the Trump administration's joint air raid on Syria and Britain and France further aggravated the political turmoil and humanitarian crisis in Syria.

It is reported that the Nobel peace prize is chosen by the Norway Nobel Committee and its members are elected by the Norway Parliament. The Nobel committee will be nominated by members of the world's parliament, legislators, academic institutions and former Nobel Peace Prize winners.

The Americans who recently won the Nobel Peace Prize were former US President Obama and former vice president Gore. The two were awarded in 2009 and 2007 respectively.

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