The British government wants to build its own technology company, Google Facebook.

The British government wants to build its own technology company, Google Facebook.

Sina Technology News Beijing time in the early morning of June 14th news, senior British government officials want to establish in the United Kingdom and the United States Silicon Valley science and technology giants, such as Google, Facebook counterbalance technology enterprises.

On Wednesday, the British government announced that technology companies will invest nearly 2 billion 300 million euros (US $3 billion) in the country and are expected to create 1600 new jobs. Most of the money came from Salesforce, a cloud computing company, which was announced at a round table conference hosted by British Prime Minister Teresa May (Theresa May).

After the round table, Matt Hancock (Matt Hancock), the British digital, cultural, media and sports minister, told the media that the British technology industry was very ambitious.

"What I heard at the round table was the entrepreneurs' optimism about the post - European Post - European technology industry, who believed that Britain could hatch a large multinational company that would be able to compete with large technology companies in China and the United States," Hancock said.

Despite the uncertainty brought back by Europe, London is still a major investment destination for European technology. According to London & Partners data, in 2017, British technology companies got more than four times more investment than Germany, more than Sweden, France, and Italy. At present, the number of employees in the UK digital technology industry is more than 2 million 100 thousand.

Hancock emphasized that British companies like chip design company ARM and Ocado have attracted many top technology talents to come to Britain for employment.

Hancock pointed out: "a few years ago (2016), ARM sold it to Japan's Softbank for 23 billion 400 million pounds, which injected a lot of money into the British technology ecosystem. In addition, Ocado is a company with a market value of about 10 billion and is one of the biggest competitors in Amazon. "

Hancock added that the number of Unicorn companies in Britain, which is worth more than $1 billion, is more than any other European country.

"I think it's time to explore the depth of the technology ecosystem," he said. "In fact, there are many different technology industries in Britain. For example, financial technology has developed very well in the UK because we are an international financial centre and have a very good technological atmosphere. (small treasure)

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