Net exposure "Hunan Hengyang traffic police porcelain collision law enforcement" police supervision department intervention

Net exposure

Original title: Hunan Hengyang police Inspectorate departments involved in investigation, "traffic police touch porcelain law enforcement"

Source: Legal Evening News

In the afternoon of June 13th, on the afternoon of the Legal Evening News (the journalist Chen Li Dong), the Internet began to spread a video of "Hengyang police in Hunan," which caused public opinion to pay great attention. At 1:31 on the morning of June 14th, police in Hengyang, Hunan, through their official announcement, said, "start the investigation of traffic police collision porcelain."

According to the video on the Internet, a traffic police on the street of Hengyang, Hunan, at 11 p. m. on June 13th, was going to enforce the law on a white car with a car number "Xiang DE**26". At the moment of the car's parking, the traffic policeman fell to the ground without warning, and the white car instinctively turned to the ground. A few moments later, the colleague of the fallen traffic police rushed to his side to understand the situation. This scene was captured by a vehicle recorder in the rear of the white car.

In another video, when the traffic police sat on the ground, a man in white clothes tried to help the traffic police, but was refused by the traffic police. In the evening of June 13th, the news reporter called a police officer of the public security machine propaganda office in Hengyang, Hunan province. Li Jingguan said the traffic police department was dealing with the incident at the moment. Later, the official website was issued by the official website. Meanwhile, Li police also told the Legal Evening News reporter that the incident was located near the second middle school of Hengyang. It was the day when Hengyang organized an examination. The involved person is a auxiliary police, is on duty outside the examination room, may have been on duty around 7 o'clock in the morning, "but, he is not having any disease, has not been investigated clearly, has been investigated. Whether it is physical or deliberate, we are still investigating.

In June 14th, at 1:31 in the morning, the Hengyang Public Security Bureau of Hunan issued a message through its official website that in June 13th, a video of "suspected police meeting China law enforcement" was widely circulated in WeChat micro-blog. The Party committee of the Hengyang Public Security Bureau attached great importance to the police inspection department at night, and the Municipal Public Security Bureau said that We will find out the truth of the incident and follow the rules according to the rules. The investigation and treatment will be published in time.

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