The result of the Korean election is a win.

The result of the Korean election is a win.

Original title: South Korea's election results are outlined.

Overseas network, June 14, South Korea's seventh local councilors and local government leaders at all levels (selected) 13 days in the Republic of Korea in the country, according to the preliminary results of the opening of the ticket, in the 17 municipal district executive district chief election, the ruling party common Democratic Party won an overwhelming victory.

According to Yonhap, the South Korean Central Election Management Committee statistics, as of 10:30 local time, at 10:30 on the night of the local time, the common Democratic candidate in 13 cities to maintain absolute advantages, the first major opposition party free Korean party candidates only 2 lead. This is the biggest historical victory of the Democratic Party since the implementation of the local electoral system in South Korea in 1995.

On the 13 day, the opposition party's free South Korean party representative, Hong Jun dipper, said through social media: "all responsibilities are borne by me". Yonhap said Hong Jun dipper hinted that if the local elections failed, he would be held responsible and resigned. Since last year's presidential election was defeated by Wen Yin, he had been wrestling with Wen Ying Yin's government. Prior to this, due to the strong opposition of the opposition party, the constitutional amendment submitted by Wen Yin government was not passed by Congress at the last minute.

The local elections in South Korea, which were the first national elections since last year's presidency, were considered to be a "midterm examination" in the government of the government. The election results reflect a voter's assessment of the government's performance in the government, and the support of the voters will give him a greater momentum in the work of governance and reform.

It is reported that if the Democratic Party's current lead continues until the end of the opening of the ticket, it will be the first time that the ruling party has won the first election since 1998, and will rewrite the best achievement of winning 12 wide area administrative regions and 155 grass-roots units created by the great national party (the predecessor of the new world party) in 2006.

It is reported that the local elections will lead to the 17 heads of South Korea's wide area administrative region, the education prison and the head of 226 grass-roots administrative districts, 824 members of the wide area constituencies, 2927 grass-roots constituencies and 5 members of the education councilors (Jeju). The election results will affect the distribution of local power.

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