Japan estimates the number of nuclear warheads in the world: 9, the country holds 14 thousand China 270.

Japan estimates the number of nuclear warheads in the world: 9, the country holds 14 thousand China 270.

According to Japan's Kyodo news agency in June 13th, the nuclear weapons abolition research center of Nagasaki University, Japan, published 13 estimates that the 9 countries in the world held about 14450 nuclear warheads by June. In the joint statement after the summit of the US and DPRK, the DPRK proposed that the "Korean Peninsula completely denuclearization" be changed to 10 to 20 from the estimate of less than 20 last year.

The sixth nuclear test that North Korea carried out in September last year could be a hydrogen bomb. The center said that the manufacturing capacity was improved at least 10.

The estimate is based on the literature of professional institutions and researchers around the world. Other holding countries have a number of nuclear warheads in Russia, about 6850 in Russia, about 6450 in the United States, about 300 in France, about 270 in China, about 215 in Britain, 140 in Pakistan, 120 to 130 in India and about 80 in Israel. In view of the implementation of the new strategic nuclear arms treaty between the US and Russia, which stipulates the deployment of nuclear warheads, the total number this year has decreased by about 450 compared with last year.

The centre also released estimates of nuclear material holdings for nuclear weapons. It is said that the world has about 21 thousand Hiroshima atomic bombs of highly enriched uranium and about 86 thousand Nagasaki atomic bombs separated plutonium.

Suzuki Dajiro, director of the center, is worried about the high performance of nuclear warheads. He said: "even if the number is reduced, the real threat is increasing. In order to reduce both quantity and quality, we need to lighten the value of nuclear weapons. The center published the above estimates on the homepage.

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