Divorced in less than half a month, he did not touch me.

Divorced in less than half a month, he did not touch me.

Original title: marriage less than half a month will be divorced wife: he does not touch me.

Look at the news of the June 13th news, the newly married couple should be a happy look, and sometimes feed the "single dog" a dog food, but not long ago, at a site in the west of Hangzhou, a couple of newly married couples had just married less than half a month, and they even warned the police station. What's the matter?

Ms. Zhang, the police officer, is married to No. 9, but the 20 day before yesterday, she was about to divorce. In 11 days, she said she wanted to divorce. Wife Wei: Well, yes, he has never touched my alarm man. The first night he said he had touched you. Wife Wei: you touched me, you asked him. Ms. Zhang: do you think it's the main reason to touch you?

Ms. Zhang, a police officer for his brother, said that her father had been engaged in her brother's marriage all these years. More than half a month ago, she had been introduced to Hainan for his brother. She had set the family for her brother. It spent 120 thousand of the time. The reason is that the husband never touched her after marriage, especially the wedding night, leaving her with very bad memories.

Ms. Wei: he didn't take the initiative for the first night. It was my initiative. He went to sleep. Then he didn't touch me. No. 9 had never touched me at once.

Later, Zhang said that he was working hard at the construction site. His daily work was very intense. He was too tired to go home from work and wanted to have a good rest.

Ms. Wei: you can understand your work hard. When you go to bed, you can play your mobile phone until 12. Mr. Zhang: I am tired. Playing the mobile phone is normal. Ms. Wei: you can use your cell phone to understand that you are tired, but when your husband and wife sleep in the same bed, how many hours do you play with your cell phone?

Usually these family trifles are not the root cause of the men's alarm. The reason for the alarm is that they later learned that Ms. Wei had been divorced many times before, and the actual age did not agree with that. Ms. Wei recently proposed to return to Hainan, and just returned to her hometown for half a month after marriage. So they suspect that Ms. Wei says that her husband's incompetence is just an excuse.

Ms. Wei: there's something in my house. I can't go home when I go home. Ms. Zhang: she had been in Taiwan for a year. Ms. Wei: it's divorced. Mrs. Zhang: her child is more than one year old, so I suspect that she has been divorced and married more than once.

Mr. Zhang: someone else has paid 14 or 50 thousand yuan (married). You have been here for three or four days and have gone back. Who knows if you are coming? Aunt: she said that her house built a house. I asked my nephew to accompany her to work at her house. She said my house was dirty and had no place to live.

The family is very dirty and no place to live, this is Ms. Wei's statement, and the family of Master Zhang thinks, since all married are all the family do not abandon, but Ms. Wei resolutely disagrees, this makes Zhang family more doubtful. What's more, Master Zhang's family spent 120 thousand people to introduce Ms. Wei. She proposed to go home, so that Zhang master's family worried that money had been wasted.

Ms. Wei: I don't know this money. This money is Li Dong (the pseudonym) give me the first buy clothes, give me the cost is 40 thousand yuan, not I asked him to take, I did not ask him to take a penny at all.

Ms. Wei said that she only got 40 thousand, and the man's introducer said that he was only responsible for the lead, and the woman's introducer only took 10 thousand of the introduction fee, the rest of the money gave Ms. Wei. Now it's a headless account. After mediation by the police, Zhang's family decided to deal with the matter in a legal way.

In fact, whether it is the physical reason for a master Zhang, or Ms. Wei's intention, marriage is sacred, and it should not be such a play. Because money is combined together, and because money is going to split up, how can such a marriage be long.

Editor in responsibility: Wu Jinming

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